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Why do you use your voice in TED conversations?

Why do you use your voice in Ted conversations?
Do you use it for Learning, influencing, researching? Getting new ideas? Does it help you think?

Closing Statement from Manue M

Wow! That was the first I gave so may thumbs up in a conversation! We all have good reasons to use our voices, and yet, as it has been mentioned in the conversation, listening to others is very important, it is part of the exercise. Thumbs up to everyone! There are some people I Interact with in Ted's conversations and I feel like I know them now. I would love to meet them someday!
We all learn through Ted, we are challenged. Ted is a great environment to evolve in. It is a great opportunity for me also to practice my written English! I am also glad that this conversation led to another one, opened by Sina.

  • Feb 7 2012: I use my voice in TED because it is a great community where good ideas are valued. Any place where people will listen to every person's idea is like gold to me. ^^
    • Feb 7 2012: Totally agree:)

      In addition, I use my voice in TED in order to be active, which means I don't want to be passive here by just absorbing TED speakers' ideas.
      Of course they are amazing, but sometimes participating in TED converstations are more valuable and influential to me than just watching a TED talk.
      Participating in here and interact with other people means a lot to me:)

      Great comment, Julia.
      • Feb 12 2012: Cool! :)
      • Feb 13 2012: Thank you! I agree with what you said about the talks and not being passive. The talks are great, but the conversations are perhaps more beneficial at times. Sometimes I don't agree with every TED talk anyway - which starts a bunch of new conversations to take part in. ^^
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    Mar 3 2012: I use it because I think it is a little unique. Most women with MAs or MBAs do not have the experience of giving birth to and raising 5 kids. Most did not work in factoires or put themselves though chool.. I think that differences make us strong and that having a wide variety of opinions gives us a glimpse into truth.
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    • Manue M

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      Feb 11 2012: Hum. I do like it when I find people I can identify myself to. I think it is good if Ted is a way for you to feel more self-confident. However, I think we should always stay humble and like Uday said, listen more than we comment. I give my views on questions, but, often, not always, I find myself with dual opinions anyway. This is why, I like to ask questions on ted. I am looking forward to reading all kinds of responses. And the amazing thing is that sometimes, I can thumb up two comments with almost opposit views on the subject.
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    Feb 8 2012: A fascinating question Manue.

    As far as I know, TED is still the only place to have a truly global conversation that is about the lost art of conversation,something beyond mere opinion, that involves courteous speaking, respectful listening and learning from one another instead of just persuading or arguing.

    I use it primarily to look for answers and get input from others on issues or evennts happening around us in the world that are troubling or confounding me or things of potential significannce that I want to learn more about.Hosting a conversation on something is a good excuse to do a lot of research on it

    I use it to speak to things I care deeply about.I am an advocate for people with mental illness or cognitive disability and we have had many opportunities here to respond as a global community to people whose lives are touched by mental illness and cognitive disability..a niece born to a TED member, a young person struggling with medications, another struggling with the stigma of mental illness

    I also use it to witness in community, in conversation, to events shaping our world..we taljked about Bin Laden's assasination, the possibility of the pope being tried for crimes against humanity, the banking crisis, the Palestine Israeli border and its long confused and confusing history, the diminshment of journalism.

    We are still learning and growing here at TED ..learning how to use this wonderful gift of TED Conversations but we are also building an archive that is meaningful. We are a living library that others use and refer to and I use it that myself to see what TED has said on an issue or question I am intereseted in..
    • Feb 11 2012: " we are a living library"
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    Feb 8 2012: Like the other commenters I would have to say that I use my voice when I read something and I instantly think of a connection in my head.

    I usually comment in three ways...I give thumbs up to people who say what I am feeling at the moment and agree with. I will contribute a quote from my collection which applies to the topic at hand, or I will give my opinion on a matter if I feel my opinion can help others.

    Here is one of my favorite quotes of all times: "If I have $1 and you have $1, and I give you my $1 and you give me yours. We STILL each have a $1.00 BUT, if I have an idea, and you have an idea and we each share our idea, we will walk away with 2 ideas each. TED is like this. We share ideas and walk away with more than what we came.

    It really has helped me to understand other's point of view. I cannot say enough as to the benefits of this interchange of ideas.

    Manue, great question neh.
    • Manue M

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      Feb 8 2012: yes! I love that quote too! Thank you for sharing!
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    Feb 8 2012: Hi Manue M
    Thanks for asking the question. Both. I enter these conversations hoping to learn and influence as I go. I entertain a real priority for opening the potential for crowd sourcing or cloud computing with people. I think it's time we grew up, and helped each other make a better world. Your question, even before I read other responses does help me think.

    I think it is time to work together for the creation of an empathic civilization that will pool our thinking resources to change the way we live so that we will continue to thrive into the 22nd century. As it is, the future is very bleak if we continue living and thinking as we did in the past. We need new ways of thinking, even new ways of catching up with the potential of what computers can do for us as a whole globe.

    We are the world. We are the dominant species. If we're not careful, we may easily become the cause of an ever-accelerating extinction episode that will leave the planet nearly lifeless in a few centuries or less. Global warming and over-population are only the "tip of the iceberg" so to speak.

    Of course I think we can do better. My learning spans across disciplines and I hope to find more and more connections with the ideas that will not just slow down our hell-bound hand basket, but also to help stear us in the opposite direction, toward thriving abundance and collective well-being.

    Yellow and black,
    • Feb 8 2012: Yellow and black.... Haha! You read my bio I imagine!
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      Feb 11 2012: Amen to that Mark..and I begin to see that need for collaboration, for conversing annd exploring in community popping out in social networks like Facebook..I see more people pausing to exchange comments about posts instead of just dropping in a like or leaving their own post. In town meetings, community and orgnaization meetings I see more listening, more mutual respect, more trying to work together to find solutions, or understand issues.

      Ted's software design for us here makes that possible in a way that is not yet possible at any other sites I know of. Being able to resond to a particular comment and have it appear indented and immediately underneath helps to unfold paths of inquiry and allows newcomers to plug in easily. It's a scaffold for inquiry and collaborative thinking.

      We need to find more ways of creating scaffolds for collective and collaborative inquiry in all parts of our lives.
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    Feb 7 2012: At first, I was nervous to...after all, who would want to listen to me? Then there were a few questions that I wanted answers I asked. Some of the answers I liked...others not...but it was always interesting to discover how many sides to an argument there are. Now I do it because I enjoy it...I see the same old faces participating and meet new people weekly. It's great fun learning.
    • Manue M

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      Feb 11 2012: Your comment about meeting people is interesting. I did not Think one second I would meet anyone by participating to the conversations. But now, after using that tool only a few days, I am already looking forward to interacting with some participants I have come across with before. I feel I kind of know them a bit.
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        Feb 11 2012: Yes David & Manue it truly is community.very different from blogs where people drop in an opinion and move on .I am in daily touch with people from all over the world I met here at Ted via personal emails, facebook, other websites we refer to and particpate in. This summer one of our Ted Conversations friends, a vatican scholar was killed in an accident in Rome.We actually had a sort of memorial service for him right here at TED posting rememberannces and quotes of his from conversations we had shared with him. TED admin even posted! Beacuse their purpose is ti build community here and they think of us and refer to us that way.
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        Feb 11 2012: The feeling's mutual. Got playing scrabble on Facebook and have met people from all over the world...even Skype with some of them...I even got one of them a job by doing her a favour with some paperwork. I love it.
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    Feb 7 2012: As a new member, I read comments with gratitude and humility. In my students I aim to foster a love of life-long learning and I intend to lead by example! I come here to learn and tentatively offer viewpoints (careful to avoid absolutes;which I hope I have left in my youth) .

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    Mar 4 2012: To contribute positive energy to the world.... "It is not about me it is about we."
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    Feb 11 2012: I contribute to TED conversations because I enjoy engaging in dialogue with others who possess unique perspectives. I feel that my ability to engage in these kinds of discussions enhances my own perspective, helps me see the world in a more holistic way and challenges me to grow as an individual. This forum provides a unique opportunity for someone to seek out different perspectives and enhance their own understanding.

    In addition to informing my perspective, I use this forum to sort through my own personal and academic perspective on specific issues. In engaging in these discussions, I can apply some of my academic pursuits to real world situations and more clearly see how these ideas I am considering play out in a real world context.

    This forum is an invaluable place for me to feel connected to our global community and ascertain my own impact and agency within that community. It also enhances my felt responsibility to educate myself beyond my own perspective as I engage in global discussions.
  • Mar 2 2012: I am here because I value the opinions of others, as I value their knowledge. As individuals, we see from a unique perspective. By reading how others approach things, I broaden my perspective. By learning what others know that I do not yet know, I also broaden my perspective. I make the assumption that others will gain the same sort of broadening from me that I gain from them. For those who haven't come to where I am, my perspective offers a bridge. For those who have been here and moved forward, I offer the chance for them to offer me a bridge. I believe that we are all always both teacher and student. TED is another room in the school of living.
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    Feb 28 2012: Because you're a product of your environment and TED is a pretty great environment!
    • Feb 29 2012: Well resumed!
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      Mar 5 2012: Brent I would add that there is a feedback loop in which our attraction to specific environments then affects us, this is a subtle mechanism that I choose to call free will. Some might say that I had no choice, that's their choice to believe, which I think came about through their nuanced reactions to their chosen environments, however unconscious. The egg's attitude affects what kind of alpha rooster or dumb cluck will emerge.
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    Feb 16 2012: All of the above. We all want to be part of the solution and never to be remembered as part of the problem. TED is not a EXCLUSIVE community it is an INCLUSIVE community. We are all seekers of information and exchange of ideas. We can through TED agree, disagree, make errors and be forgiven (which I hope I grow from). I offer my views from my life experiences which works for me and not everone else. If I can help one person it is worth while. I thank all of those who have helped me to learn, grow, and broaden my horizons.
  • Feb 14 2012: Personally, I like TED conversations because of the variety of viewpoints on virtually all topics. Too many people today tend to get their news and other information solely from sources with which they have agreed in the past. Thus, right wing people get their news from right wing sources, and the same for the other side. Throughout my life I've tried to understand issues from all sides before making up my own mind. No one is right all the time. If we are wrong (as least as far as others are concerned) and only get reinforcement from like-minded sources, we will never reach fulfillment. TED not only allows this discourse from all sides but, it encourages it. TED should stand for Totally Educational Discourse because I constantly learn when on TED.
  • Feb 11 2012: Let's face it, everyone loves some attention. I just love watching how pretentious people can be here and still get taken seriously.
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    Feb 11 2012: Entertainment.
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    Feb 11 2012: Good question!

    1.Every single day I realize how messed up the world is... and how overwhelming the idea of "changing" the world is.
    I try to tell my thoughts/ideas about issues talked in TED when I think it can help some other person in the process of thinking and reaching a new idea... I just hope that it helps somebody.
    I like when I see people coming with great solutions to different issues I have been concerned about.
    I am always glad that some one is actually doing something about that issue. Someone has actually the knowledge, the time.... and well... who knows if a different view, without hoping something in return, a fresh view from outside, don't help? I hope it does...

    2.To write a comment I have to think and as other people already wrote here, it turns to a process of learning, training my mind to be open and understand.
    • Feb 11 2012: Sure, The idea of changing the entire world can be overwhelming!
      So, do you mean that by using Ted conversations, you are trying to help poeple who might participate in changing the world, and doing this, you are also participating in that change?
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        Feb 12 2012: I mean I try to change "my" world every day, in the dimension I am allowed and where I have the means.

        At TED we encounter with different people, to put it in other words, in the measure I am allowed/given, I consciously accept the role of the "idiot" that may be giving away something/part/all of an idea that might be good/excellent, a small part of a 1.000.000 puzzle peace or just a push/inspiration who knows......
        Haven't you experience being at someplace and all of the sudden something you read, something you just by chance looked at, gave you an idea or inspired you in doing something good?

        We humans love the feeling of belonging but at the same time we are obsessed with the idea of being distinct, unique, it feeds our ego.
        I gave up the uniqueness and I try to feel pleased by sharing so we can change in the only possible, sustainable and durable way, as an all (this doesn't mean I think we should all be equal or live equally, as each has its perception of the world and ability to live in it, but we surely should use our best towards the common better well being).
        • Manue M

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          Feb 12 2012: Yes. I totally relate to what you are saying.
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    Feb 10 2012: To connect with interesting people
    To share opinions and ideas
    To improve my critical thinking
    To learn
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    Feb 7 2012: I add my thoughts when I see my perspective or the insight I have gained from my experiences have not yet been presented as part of the conversation. I have posed questions twice but neither time have I gotten any responses.
    • Feb 8 2012: Thanks for your comment. When you asked your questions, did you pick up many Ted talks related to the conversation? Did you also entered strong key words? Sometimes, it is just a matter of how much you questions is being exposed in the website. I tried to post an old zen question one day, and it got removed, because it was not specific enough. Has anybody else any tips on how to get a lot of constructive participations to the conversations their started?
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        Feb 8 2012: One talk and about six key words.
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      Feb 11 2012: Fritzie..I just read all your are wonderful voice her at TED Conversations..remember Fritzie..a seed never gets to see the flowers or the fruit.

      Also I don't think that thumbs ups or replies are necessarily a measure of the value of the offering either to those reading the conversation ( there are usually more readers than participants)..

      Your writing here at TED is thoughtful and meaty..I am sure many more than you realize read what you have written and chew on it for a very long time.

      If you added a picture to your profile ( it doesn't have to be of you) it would tur up in thhe recentl commenters thumbnail and people who value your input could track you more easily.

      Thank you for being here at TED Conversations and for what you have brought us already.
  • Mar 7 2012: Nothing sharpens the mind more than having conversations with other people who have sharp minds and wits. Voicing out in TED Conversations opens discourse and a free exchange of good ideas. It's a great avenue for learning and I can't help but feel the need to contribute as well.
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    Mar 5 2012: Besides the fun of interacting with bright people with interesting backgrounds and unique viewpoints, I hope to help sentient beings avoid unnecessary suffering and increase their capacity for Joy. The process of trying to do so gives me Joy and I hope increases my capacity to help. Since Joy has no known limits there is a reasonable chance of some success. I love the idea that love is a nearly unique noun in that the more you give away the more you have to share.
    A. Lincolns observation" that most people are about as happy as they have made up their mind to be" Makes me happy because MAYBE I might be able to help a few people change their mind. Even a little success affects the world's misery to Joy ratio positively and makes it a nicer place to be for me and everyone I love. Since I love everyone I know that is a strong motivator. When I finally understand someone then I know them. Some people I understand quickly and some take longer. It works the other way too, everyone who knows-understands me loves me. Thus if we could end misunderstanding we could avoid most unnecessary suffering. Some wise person once said that knowing the truth will make us free. Seems true to me.
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    Mar 4 2012: Lao Tzu said: "To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, subtract things every day."
    TED is a platform to exchange ideas, knowledge and innovation. Give and Take, that's why conversations matter.
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      Mar 5 2012: It is a wonderful quote. adding things for knowledge and subtracting them for wisdom. would you please share your perception of the "subtracting things" with us ? that reminds me of data cleansing process in the database.
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        Mar 5 2012: HI Sina,

        Thank you for your comment.

        Well, I am definitely agree with the data cleansing process. To be more specific, I can say we are doing a subtraction through our collective experiences that anything is hard to use, wasteful, complicated or refraining adding those things at the first place. I believe limited information do engage creation, imagination at some point, or doing something isn't always better than doing nothing. It really depends on what the things really matter to you, or let say, worth to you. I respect knowledge and there is no useless knowledge. But like you said, we need to document the unlimited resource.

        I have a friend who runs a small printing company. He starts his own business 2 years ago, but before that he had a very good networking with his clients. So when his business kicked off, his clients still preferred working with him and sometimes introduced new business to him. But he told me, this is not what he expects. He doesn't aim to earning a bigger business scale by winning new business. By opposite, he is doing 'subtraction' and choose the most valuable clients who can bring him the higher profit, and of course, a good relationship as well. I think it is not a bad idea that you keep the most useful data and maintain the high quality of work.On the same time, he can finish his work in a more efficient way. This guy didn't even have a high education diploma, but he is a street smart.

        Voila, this is just my personal idea ;-)

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          Mar 5 2012: Dear Miki,

          what a wonderful and exhaustive response to my question. thank you.

          I think what you have mentioned is what I suffer from for years. I have added knowledge of any kind to my world and never throw anything away. I agree with you that " limiting information engages creativity" or perhaps limiting all the processes and actions and all the entities that are not going to do us any good bu we are keeping them for no good reason. perhaps what we have said here has slightly touched in some sense the concept of minimalism.

          and then again I really love the business strategy of your friend.

          I would love to hear more of your insightful opinions on other subjects as well.
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    Mar 4 2012: I enjoy a healthy and intelligent discussion/argument. I like getting feedback on my thoughts and learning what other people think and how others see the world. Additionally, these discussions bring me hope because I realize there are still people out there who care, who think, who take action! So, thank you everyone for participating and interacting!! :)
  • Feb 28 2012: Simple answer: I'm an INTJ. I find TED topics far more interesting than sports scores or celebrity gossip. Of course I have opinions and hope to influence people, but one never knows to what degree that actually happens.
    • Feb 29 2012: Agreed, but even thus I am not really interested in sports scores, I do think sports should balance hours of TED surfing!!
  • Feb 28 2012: opens up my thinking and creativity. It's an incredible resource to find out about the most original thinking on any topic.
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    Feb 28 2012: I just read some of the responses to this question, and even *that* was an edifying experience. Another thing that is great about the TED community is that despite our diversity, there's one important commonality between us: we all tend to think about the 'big picture', so to speak. A lot of people on this site seem to be optimistic about both the prospect of the world changing for the better and their ability to help bring that change about, by making whatever contribution to that cause that they can. Even just by listening to the talks, we are helping in a way because the more knowledgeable we are, the more tolerant and understanding we will be.

    It's that whole atmosphere of exuberance and optimism that is the most unique thing about this site; I hope it continues to grow.
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    Feb 28 2012: TED is fun because it brings together so many people from different backgrounds and parts of the world and let's them discuss whatever issues that are on their minds. Current events, philosophical points, innovations, politics, economics, and wherever else an interesting topic is to be found is talked about on TED.

    For that reason, I find it to be an amazing place to come for stimulating conversation, education, and ideas. Occasionally, I come to air my own ideas in a forum where they will actually be considered on their own merits, because most of the things I like to think about would induce nothing but blank stares if brought up at my dinner table XD

    So in short, I use my voice in TED conversations because it's a place where you can have interesting conversations about anything.
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    Feb 28 2012: These TED conversations help me learn about things outside of my professionial scope of expertise and interest. They also provide insights to what issues are most topical from varying points of views.
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    Feb 28 2012: I think it is a good way to interact with people with similar ways of thinking
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    Feb 27 2012: I often fall prey to the illusion that I can get along quite well without the world. When I check-in to TED coversations I see just how well the world gets along without me! It is a reality check with the advantage of respect, civility and tolerance. Bravo TED crew!
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    Feb 27 2012: It's a way to grow, a place to expose myself to new ideas and new opinions.
  • Feb 27 2012: I use my voice so I can share ideas with others and to also learn about others. It's always interesting to hear what other minds think. Every one is different, yet it's amazing how many people can share the same opinion. It makes you feel more connected to the world as well. I'm mainly hear to talk about yoga and how amazing it is, but I am also really interested in other opinions about anything really.
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    Feb 25 2012: The first reason stems from two premises. The first premise: I believe that some people who post here genuinely want a respectable conjecture or opinion. The second premise: I have a commitment to excellence and education that I believe qualifies me to offer a respectable conjecture or opinion. Based on these two premises, it logically follows that I might be able to make a contribution to someone, somehow. I'll probably never know if I have made such a contribution, so I post every so often for good measure.

    The second reason is that I might learn something.
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    Feb 25 2012: I use my voice both to spread ideas I think are worthwhile, and to learn of new ideas. TED has opened me up to the "Open Source" movement and to some wonderful scientific discoveries I probably would never had known about through my normal channels of learning.

    I also use TED because of the community. I find many forums of intellectual discussion are dominated by offensive people who don't generate healthy dialogue. I don't experience this on TED - people here seem to be genuinely enthused intellectuals and I enjoy that. I enjoy being criticized by a person who doesn't call me stupid for having an opinion which differs from theirs, opening me up to the chance to refine my own opinions and generate a stronger understanding of things.
    • Feb 25 2012: I am using TED conversations to share knowledge. It's a really interesting platform to connect to the world at large and listen to or read people's voice and/or thoughts.
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    Feb 25 2012: I use TED conversations because I like and think it is important to share and espress our ideas.
    TED conversations give us the possibility to discuss important issues with people that find those issues also interesting. That is something we don´t have chance to do everyday with people we know.
  • Feb 24 2012: Because like simon sinek proclaims - people on ted, believe what I believe

    In the greater humanity, or that we are all the same:)
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    Feb 12 2012: I choose to be a student. I use my voice here to gain perspective and get responses from thoughtful folks which force me to THINK about my choices and attitudes. I am grateful to all of you.
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    Feb 12 2012: 1) I like meeting intelligent people from around the world.

    2) And, to be perfectly honest, the thumbs up are a motivation too. Which I think they knew when they made up those little +10/50/200 badges. ;)
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    Feb 12 2012: To entertain, to make people laugh, to broaden my understanding of issues, and find a unique voice for myself as a writer.

    Yes, yes, yes. Yes.... And, of course... Yes
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    Feb 10 2012: In TED I use my ears more than voice. It is a source for learning because in the open source and where knowledge is free and available as mere information we are short of sources for NEW LEARNING. TED is one of the only ones because the method of learning has changed. The economic value of old knowledge is threatened because it is no longer exclusive.
    • Feb 11 2012: Yes, i like your attitude. I also think that we should use our ears, and eyes more than our voice on Ted. Yes Ted is a great learning tool. May everyone on the planet get access to internet very soon.
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    Feb 9 2012: Oh, also, it is exciting to use one's voice on a live conversation, like the one today about city 2.0

    Alot of the participants had a very enjoyable time. This is very rewarding.
  • Feb 7 2012: The fact that I have a voice means that it's purpose is to be used.
    As long as I have an idea that can benefit others, it becomes my duty to spread it to them.

    "You may walk the world for the length of your life, or you could ask a question and know it in a moment."

    Seriously, I do believe that humanity's purpose includes being a solid community.
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    Mar 5 2012: Dear Manue,

    Thank you for taking time and replying to my comment. I enjoyed reading your well crafted response.

    I was not aware that TED does control the conversations in that way and I would not advocate for such control because like you, I think the question "the color of the wind" was worth answering and I would personally participate in that conversation.

    I see TED featuring some conversation, do you have any idea based on what criteria it does that ? to my opinion and experience it seems to be done by human selection not automatically based on the the number of likes or comments.

    I too believe that what people are saying specially in such environments is extremely subjective and it is their version of truth rather than a universal one.

    I too had doubts on whether it is a good idea to continue this conversation here or start a new one so I started a new one with the general idea of improving TED conversation system.
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    Mar 2 2012: I have read the answers below and they are pretty much covering what I had in mind but I want to propose the negation of your question. and it is " what not to use your voice in TED for".

    TED conversations is a ocean of intellect and using it can be a very satisfying experience and that is only because of its specific category of members who are not here for entertainment, time killing, advertisements, marketing, etc.
    but I have noticed some cases of miss-usage of this environment that I think must be controlled in some way (and I don't exactly know how it is possible without harming the freedom of speech ).

    I have some examples of conversation miss-usage but I prefer to first hear from you about the whole idea.
    • Mar 2 2012: Interesting!

      Well Dear Sina,

      Once someone sent on TED a question: "what is the color of wind". It is a Zen question. In my opinion, The answers could have been very poetic and classified under philosophy. The conversation Suddenly disappeared. I thought the person who posted the question had removed it. I had written an answer already and was really keen to share it. As it was an ancient question, I decided to repost it. But, it got removed by Ted because the question was "too vague."
      So, Ted does control at least the questions sent.

      I might have the tendency to refere a lot to examples from my own life. And I wonder if this is questionnable. I think that to some extend it is ok. Real examples brighten up conversations, motivations under a question can be revealing, personal experiences do explain why we think how we think.

      People can be very emotive and try to find answers to very personnal questions onTed. Then, it may not be always easy to keep the right distance.... You understand what I mean?

      Also, personally, I do appreciate when people say in a conversation:
      "in my opinion", "i think", " I believe", "I imagine".... A specially when it comes to religion, people tend to make unproved statement as if that was the Truth. No, it is their Truth.

      Now, I am not even sure I should be answering your question here, because it would probably be worth starting a new conversation on the subject! Still, I would appreciate hearing your perspective now.
  • Feb 27 2012: With intend to know about others opinion/mind set . How others are looking/viewing the same situation?
    • Feb 27 2012: Dear Austin,
      Sorry, I did not understand your question. Would you mind rephrasing please? Thank you!
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    Feb 27 2012: I think it helps me crowd source knowledge.. there are unclear areas where it's very hard find decent info on.
    But here you have a lot of different, intelligent people to share their knowledge and ideas and it helps you get a better overall picture.
  • Feb 25 2012: Well, it is the first time I post a question on Ted and that I can say I agree with all of what has been said so far! It is interesting to read you all! Keep on sharing! Thanks!