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How is the school you would dream you or your children to go to? What is your wish for tomorrow's education?

Our family and I travel a lot. My kids attend an international school, with a holistic approach and a big place for creativity. Previously, they used to attend a school, almost in the middle of the jungle with an organic farm and animals... Soon the six sense will be available and I believe this will bring a lot to education. I have heard of a school opening in south of china, where the whole village would be the class room and I love this idea.
I think my kids are very lucky. But I am very optimistic for the global community when it comes to the education of the future.
What will the school of the future look like?


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  • Feb 10 2012: The best school I ever found, was the one I created for my daughter, Chrystol, and it was based on what I learned in Pitzer College. From the moment she opened her eyes, her little hands reached for clay, or a paint brush. She played the violin as The Balloon Girl, In "Gypsy" at the Granada theatre, was on the swim team, played in an orchestra., learned about exotic birds....The hard part was creating a transition .....life did that...and it was not easy for either of us. But today, she is a spontaneous, effervescent being....I'm glad that I created "Harborside School".
    • Feb 12 2012: A personalized school... Nice.
      • Feb 16 2012: Your daughter is very lucky to have such an involved parent in her education. Home schooling of course will be most effective if the parent teaching it knows how to teach and uses a well rounded curriculum. In my school system it seems some parents pull their kids out of school to home school them as some kind of statement to the system, sometimes kids are better off working with these parents, sometimes they really suffer.

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