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How is the school you would dream you or your children to go to? What is your wish for tomorrow's education?

Our family and I travel a lot. My kids attend an international school, with a holistic approach and a big place for creativity. Previously, they used to attend a school, almost in the middle of the jungle with an organic farm and animals... Soon the six sense will be available and I believe this will bring a lot to education. I have heard of a school opening in south of china, where the whole village would be the class room and I love this idea.
I think my kids are very lucky. But I am very optimistic for the global community when it comes to the education of the future.
What will the school of the future look like?


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  • Feb 7 2012: Great question Manue.
    I agree the whole village needs to be the school. Education has become so narrow minded. I'm 49 and feel like an Ugly Duckling. I discovered what I am good at late in life because I had no one like me as a mentor. Now that my kids are grown I'm really discovering how diverse life can be.
    First of all our schools are contributing to our health crisis here in the US, the kids need yoga, they need movement, humans are made to move, we are nomads, we are designed to run after our food. Lack of physical exercise creates toxins in the body, exercise also produces endorphins, those feel good biochemicals.
    We all crave healthy relationships but we don't learn anything about relationships in school.
    Art and music should not be graded, there should be no fear factor in doodling or expressing ones thoughts, feelings
    High school students should be cooking for each other, don't need staff to cook, just to supervise. Kids should also be cleaning the school. The idea that people who clean are "less" somehow than others is ridiculous and harmful for society.
    Thanks for letting me rant.
    • Feb 9 2012: I would like to elaborate even more upon the truth you stated, that "we don't learn anything about relationships in school."
      The high school I attended was a charter school with an emphasis on technical and professional education, emphasis on professional. During my time at the school I dated I wonderful girl from my engineering class. Two months into our relationship, the principal pulled us aside and gave us a talk. He outlined that there would be no kissing at the school, that hugs were to be limited to three a day for no more than five seconds, and that holding hands was allowed.
      As time went on, she became something of a representative for our school at the state level, and then the national level. I became an assistant martial arts instructor with 300 students (quite a number in the small town we lived in). The restrictions scaled with our rank. Outside of school we were constantly bumping into people that we worked with. More and more we were confined to expectations. We needed to act appropriately and professionally, as representatives and leaders. Which meant that we couldn't be caught kissing or making eyes at one another.
      This is understandably appropriate for a professional environment, but keep in mind, we were fifteen. How are we to learn of relationships when we aren't allowed to be in relationships?
    • Feb 12 2012: Yes, in France, we did not use to learn about relationships either. We did not even learn how to work together. I am glad my kids are both learning that at school.
      • Feb 12 2012: mon mari est francais. Mes enfants ont experimente les deux systemes educatifs (americain/francais)
        If you search Alexandra Chevalier in the Huffington Post you will find a short article comparing French and American styles of education. Alexandra is my daughter.

        Here's some wisdom for your school
        Best to you
        • Feb 15 2012: J ai Lu l'article! Bravo à Alexandra! C est très vrai!
          Moi-meme, j ai fait toute ma scolarité en France jusqu'au bac, et j'ai fait une année de high school aux US. Je n ai pas le projet de rentrer en France, ne serait- ce que pour que mes enfants continuent à frequenter l école Internationale! Le système IB est pas mal du tout. Les école qui couplent ce système a une véritable conscience écologique et a retour a la nature sont a mon avis encore supérieures aux simples écoles IB.

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