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Human Eusociality , Once our species' blessing, now is destroying us

Two important pieces of data published last year powerfully reinforce the importance of my original issue (title referenced above); an article in Harper's Magazine on the Lubavitcher's dichotomizing to the point of open warfare in Brooklyn, and an extensive report on sociobiologist E. O. Wilson's current interests in Atlantic Magazine November 2011.
I am not the optimist about our hopes for the future that Wilson seems to be. In fact, I am sure he is wrong in believing that we can salvage our ecosphere. I say Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, more or less, in all my conversational gambits.

Closing Statement from O'Neil Poree

Wilson, E. O, Martin Nowak, and Corina Tarnita have published material on Evolutionary Dynamics bearing on exactly this topic, among other significant aspects of Human Collective Minds. It is presently immensely controversial.

I want to continue it, on the larger, more inclusive subject of Academic Controversy and the Nature of Human Group Minds. It will take more space than is still available for this note.

That presentation will be centered around the incompatibility of Mathematical Thinking and Sociobiological Thinking which stems, in the present instance, from the fact that neither collective mind incorporates features outside of their conventional considerations which were definitive for the situation they are arguing about.