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What is your attitude toward your life?

My attitudes toward my life are:
"seeking truth"

The former one is related to my "role".
As a daughter, big sister, student, and global citizen,
I always have to remember that my life is not just mine.
Even though sometimes this attitude is burdensome, it always keep telling me that I have to cheer up whenever I am so depressed and "do what I’ve gotta do" for the people I love.
Strictly speaking, it's a kind of a sense of duty.
So even if my life is not that happy or awesome, I cannot give up because I believe there's something I must do before I die.
Maybe it sounds a bit heroic, but responsible attitude also makes me feel that I am special and worthy of living.

The latter is my ultimate desire.
Who am I?
What is the essence of my life?
Do I really love what I am doing right now?
Am I honest all the time?
Am I doing my best right now?
Am I wasting my time by regretting?
Seeking truth sounds philosophical, but not really.
I hate to pretend that I am okay nor satisfied with something that against my nature.

It’s unnecessary to define my attitudes specifically, but sometimes this work is very useful when you are curious whether your life is worthy or not. Or… when you want to get a spurt of energy.

I think, every day, we should “start over” with a confident and grateful mind :)

Want to hear YOUR--TEDster’s--peculiar attitudes toward your own lives:)

Closing Statement from Elizabeth Gu

Love you guys's comments!
Every attitude means a lot to me and there are so many things that I can learn from TEDsters!
Thank you so much for sharing:)

And always..keep trying to protect the beauty of your life with your own--unique attitude as long as you can:)


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    Feb 12 2012: I CHOOSE to be a life long learner. I Choose joy (to see the blessing in any situation). I CHOOSE to love my work. I CHOOSE to love those in my life and be as gentle with them as they will allow. I CHOOSE to believe that my god will provide all I need, and then some; and he/she/it DOES. It's all an active choice. I believe that in order to be able to continue making those choices on a daily basis, I must "re-set" my head each day with some good word to counteract the negative crap our news corporations put out.
    • Feb 12 2012: "I CHOOSE TO..."
      You're right.

      I like your positive mind :)
      In that way, you can also control your emotions, which means you can be always happy as long as you decide(choose) to be like that:)
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      Mar 6 2012: Exactly, what I believe in ! I also firmly believe in re-setting my head every morning! Great Words Kris :)
  • Feb 8 2012: My idea about life is - "if you want to have something you have never had, then you have to do something you have never done...."

    doing nothing and being idle will not get you anything. Aspire to become someone or get behold of something??? then you will have to start working towards it.
    • Feb 8 2012: I love your brave attitude.
      Even if my idea or intention is perfectly wondeful, if I do not try it and just hesitate to try it, it's not helpful nor wonderful at all.

      I should learn from your attitude:)

      Thanks for your comment, Gowri!
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      Mar 6 2012: Hey Gowri,

      I would like to add what you have said, we should aspire to be better than what we are right now, we are the biggest and strongest competitors of ourselves, and I think, we would not need any role model, if we start competing with our own self to be better!

      Hope, I made some sense!
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    Feb 8 2012: My attitude towards life is probably.....life-long-learner.....out to understand people.....be kind to others and to self.

    After you live a while, you realize that life is very rewarding if you really take care to do what you love, and to treat others with respect. I find that having conversations with anyone I meet has enriched my life in a way nothing else has. I love to chit chat with anyone anywhere. I feel that I can learn alot about life this way. I love to ask lots of questions, especially if the person is from another country.

    I guess my attitude towards life is now a positive one.....it hasn't always been this way.....but it is now.

    Life is hard, and many of us suffer through it, but the journey is definitely worth it. (Plus, we get a free trip around the sun each year :) )

    That is my humble opinion
    • Feb 8 2012: Truly inspiring attitude!

      And I love the word you put it that way: life-long-learner.

      Like you, I also "love to ask lots of questions, especially if the person is from another country."

      I wish I could keep in touch with you who have a very respectable attitude toward her life:)

      May I ask you what has inspired you to have that positive attitude?

      You know, like mentors or books or some wonderful TED talks....etc.

      Thanks for your reply!btw

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        Feb 8 2012: Thank you for your reply.

        What has inspired my positive attitude?

        It has been the conversations I have had with others, but more importantly the ones I have had with myself afterwards.

        As I learn, through reading and researching the human condition and how fragile we all are, and then have meaningful conversations with people who are truly, truly suffering in this world, I realize that my own problems fade.

        I guess I have made a determined choice to be a voice for the better.

        There are alot of angry voices that want to shout to me what I already know. I just tell others upbuilding thoughts when I know what is hurting them, and even if I don't.

        And try to help them endure by giving practical help.

        I find that in helping others, I help myself.

        I am also a spiritual person. I am a person of faith. This has helped me also.

        Nice to meet you Elizabeth...I visited Seoul once.

        Be Well,
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    Feb 6 2012: Great question. Because it not only helps people put thoughts into screen, but i guess makes them think what would the answer really be, why is it that we make such decisions everyday (based on our attitude).
    My attitude towards my life is very open minded (or as much as I can be), life is here today and the decisions you make today will only help shape your tomorrow, for better or worse.
    When someone tells you, that your life is in your hands, they're usually always right. =)
    Take control of it, and you'll be surprised how far you push yourself.
  • Feb 9 2012: its so good to read this! tahnk you for sharing!
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    Mar 6 2012: I would try to answer this and summarize my answer through the quote which I follow in my life strictly :)

    "For a sane man, every morning is the beginning of a new life!"

    I live each and every moment of this life and my attitude tells me to learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them in future, and help others wherever and whenever possible, and try to make this world a better place to live in for all :)
    • Mar 6 2012: So fresh and vitalizing!

      Btw, may I ask you what you are doing these days?

      For me, I'm teaching teenagers-- an English teacher.
      Just out of curiosity
      ....and I hope to learn something from you:)
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        Mar 6 2012: Hey Elizabeth

        Well, I work as a Software Process Consultant in Healthcare Domain. More of IT stuff :)

        yeah, we all are here to learn from each other! :)

        Good to know you :)
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    Feb 7 2012: There is also behavior, than attitude, than values... Attitude floats between those two. Your attitude is very connected to your behavior and your inner values. If your values are worthy with pure intentions not wrapped with ignorance, and your behavior is reasonable and easy going, you might be living perfect life. Well...
    • Feb 7 2012: Hi,
      Thanks for your reply, Tommy:)
      Interesting view!

      Hmm...but I think that all of my behavior is based on my attitude.
      Sometimes I act or say something weirdly even if I don't mean to.
      So I regret what I've have done on the grounds that the things I've done are not ultimately from my attitude.
      That is, attitude is the part of the "core" of myself and according to my "attitude", I can feedback to my behavior.

      As for "value", it is also determined by my attitude.
      Depends on my attitude, I can cherish this value, but ignore that value.

      Anyway, great comment!:)
      If there's irony in my comment, reply to me--then, I'll appreciate it.
  • Feb 7 2012: I love flexible attitude, but if there's no inner-direction or your own identity, your life would be tough.
    Or it's possible that you can lose your identity and have to do whatever your boss or your parents or the society you live in wants.

    So, I think attitude is always matter.