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Let's build a community around this!

Who wants to do a 21 day happiness training session of the 5 daily tasks listed in Shawn Achor's talk?
I have started a Facebook group called, "Happy and Grateful" where we can share our experiences and keep each other going. You can join at any time and stay with it for as long as you are happy doing it!
Imagine what might happen in the world when millions of people are happily more productive in all that they do?

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    Feb 9 2012: Hello Diane,

    I noticed you have not had any replies to your post and I cannot locate the group you were setting up (sent you a friend request on FB).

    I have groups on both Linkedin and FB (Happiness 1st) where it would be appropriate to do this sort of collaboration and encouragement. You are welcome to join and use those spaces.

    Jeanine Broderick,