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What's Your Best of The Web?

We all have our different websites and tools for navigating the web in the way we know best.

Are there any sites in particular that that you'd like to recommend as your "best of the web"?

Or would you like a recommendation for a website with specific functions that you have yet to find?

Let's share great stuff!

*EDIT* And if you could be so kind to also add a link to the website it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Feb 15 2012: - Free ebooks... All classics and scientific texts that have passed into the public domain. - kind of like ted, but with a bit more of an agenda, and news slant - news for nerds... stuff that matters
  • Feb 15 2012: I like to write people in government on diferent issues that affect me or things I care about. I think if more people did this we would see a change in state and federal government. If we and do nothing then nothing will change, if we all do this together things will change. But first we must agree on an issue, like getting corporations out of government and government out of corporations. I think it's something most of us could agree on, if so, start writing your government.
  • Feb 14 2012: well the fun stuff I like to watch is either:

    free lectures from berkeley
    free lectures from MIT
    or KhanAcadamy
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    Feb 6 2012: .

    Its a search site like google but provides specific answers using statistics, mathematics and scientific knowledge rather than presenting a list of websites. Press the 'Random' button several times to gain an idea of what types of questions wolfram answers.
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    Feb 18 2012: I enjoy in depth analysis and current affairs, after scanning the news. Especially if there is an opportunity for comments. is a new one. Shows potential. is an old favourite.
    As is

    Would welcome any suggestions along these lines, particularly ones with comments.
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    Feb 18 2012: This Conversation also aims to serve as a guide Conversation for You to find websites with specific functions that you haven't been able to find.

    Need anything from the web? Let TEDsters help!
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    Feb 18 2012: So, let's state the obvious!
    Here are some of the best sources for influence and influencing (if you use them well).

    Facebook The largest community in the world!
    Twitter: The best way to reach anybody or any organisation (on Twitter), direct communication at it's best!
    Google+: If privacy is your thing, Google+ is social media for you, rapidly growing.
    LinkedIn: the largest community for professional networking!

    Got more?
    • Feb 21 2012: how exactly do you combine privacy with Google?
      You never read the EULA did you?
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        Feb 21 2012: I actually haven't read the "End-user license agreement"... As far as I know/knew Google+ is one of the best places for privacy...
        What about it?
        • Feb 21 2012: well last time I read anything about a google product (picasa in that case) they pretty much say that anything that you put on there can be used by google in advertisement (both of their own products towards 3rd parties as to fit ads to your needs)... I would expect google+ to have the same....
          I remember being very hessitant to click on the yes button because I had to put pictures on there which showed other people.

          edit: btw Eddy Izzard has a really nice vid on the plain ignorance of EULA's
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    Feb 15 2012: Love Stumbleupon!
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    Feb 13 2012: I'm assessing "my best of the web" on sites like PearlTrees, Pinterest and Diigo. Just search my name on one of the sites and you'll be able to find of my best sites... Most stuff on Diigo, but even there I'm just getting started.
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    Feb 6 2012: So, I'll go first then...

    Mashable is a splendid site for all kinds of news, with a primary focus on social media but it has much more to offer, I particularly enjoy the "Spark of Genius"-series. Mashable is great for helping you finding your way to new websites and tools, visit

    I've (so far) found 195 "favorite websites" with StumbleUpon, It's an ingenious way for finding new stuff on the web that's in your taste. You use a voting system to determine your taste and over time it gets to know your taste of websites really well!

    And... don't underestimate the power of Googling stuff! Here's a link to get you started ;-)