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The dark part of the Universe is an exotic fluid into which its visible counterpart is flowing.

Could it be true that dark matter, if: a) Such a thing exists, b) It accounts for 83% of the Universe mass and c) It is neutral with respect electromagnetic radiation, and hence fully transparent; dark matter behaves as an Euler Ideal Fluid or Superfluid (actually dubbed as dark fluid in MOND), that is, as one in wich its internal friction or viscosity is null and as so, it: 1) Is also a superconductor, 2) It has zero entropy, though it is able to coexist with non-zero entropy matter (like normal matter) and 3) It is not under the same physical laws which rule normal matter; hence, dark matter could be acting as an static superliquid medium where the 17% of visible mather is flowing into (may I say diving?) and for as long as dark matter has absolute transparency to light, given it is electromagnetic radiation: Visible matter, upon which live and information resorts (recall that mathematically information is the opposite of entropy), should be carried FASTER THAN LIGHT (WARP Phenomena)? (WARP Drive)

NOTE: I am just wondering if a couple of alien supercultures of the human kind, and not more distinguishable among us, heartlings, than that certainly ancient Cro-Magnons were; are at this very moment connected to the Internet... From far, far light years away somewhere in the Universe... Or perhaps, from the next house.
CRO-MAGNON MAN, Tom Prideaux, 1973, Time Life Books Inc..

  • Feb 8 2012: Dark matter may not be able to be answered by language nor mathmetics because of its non-existent substance.
    Dark matter has a lot of similarities to a number 0.

    Emptiness in Emptiness is the dark matter. It's something you can neither feel nor ignore.

    If I were extra-terrestrial being (advanced-ailien ) , I would recommend you to meditate.
    time an space are relative , and so does dark matter.

    Let me ask you , can you divide space? or Can you seperate space? ( seemingly it is possible , but it's just illusion )

    Advanced Ailiens are the one who has realized the meaning in emptiness. How can you apply emptiness into your life?
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    Feb 7 2012: in recent studies scientist found, using computer models, if you cut an electron in half (which requires temps too cold to recreate or find) it will turn to a state they dubbed "quantum fluid"
    • Feb 8 2012: Matter is wave , and Wave is matter.

      Cutting electron ( What a bizzare ) induce " quantum fluid. "
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    Feb 7 2012: 5th dimension? Think: keratin
    • Feb 8 2012: Can we really describe dimension by number?

      1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 dimension.

      Perhaps , dimension are mere refelction of our thought.
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    Feb 6 2012: Sounds like the Ether to me. I always loved the concept of the Ether. I pretty much think Tesla was right about almost everything though... So I might be the wrong person to ask.
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      Feb 7 2012: Yes, the ancient notion of the Ether is insightful and one of its kind... It has been raised from the ingenuity, of the same people whom have acted as midwifes on the birth of Science, caring the Philosophy firstborn by feeding it with the scarce and simple resources then at hand: Observation, critical thinking and, at the stage of hypothesis proving, experimentation mostly of the menial kind... Later, things become certainly complicated and ingenuity have dimmed its enlighten power and almost disappeared from the scientific papers and workbenches... By the turning of the 18th century into 19th, and the advent of the Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics, the notion of Ether was strongly dismissed, banned and disappeared from scholar publications and text books... But Ether is certainly a natural, logical and straightforward notion... I assert that the human mind , refuses to grasp, if not by means of a sophistic construct, any absolute or extreme idea of vacuum, void, empty or null; it rather search for simpler and natural explanation of why the things appears to its perception as such... At any past time, Science have needed to wait until truly complicated and axiomatically supported developments in: Astronomy, Astrophysics and High Mathematics, have been used to explain those Universe behaviour aspects, which the misleading of insightful theories, as the great works of Euclid (The notion of ratio: Elements), Newton (The notion of gravity: Principia) and Einstein (The notion of space curvature: Relativity) , to tell a few, have already clearly and soundly outlined... There were no need of the Big-Bang, nor of the theories which asserts the Universe is expanding and gallaxies are falling appart; and then rediscover Ether in the character of Black Matter to explain such and several other incongruencies amogst the main Physics Theories... We are castng the facts to the theories and not the other side.

      Follows at my next comment...
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      Feb 7 2012: "To this conclusion it may be objected that if Euclid thought that ratio was a magnitude he would not so consistently have spoken of the sameness of two ratios, but of their equality"
      M. J. M. Hill, The contents of the fifth and sixth books of Euclid

      "The work of Zenon have been fully dedicated on advocating his master [Parmenides] thesis concerning the continuity of the existent against those sustaining the thesis of the plurality derived from the monadic hypothesis of Pythagoras."
      Enrico Rufini Il Metodo di Archimide e le origin dell’analisi infinetisimale nell’antichità
      (Translated by myself)

      "The question is not: What is the answer? The question is: What is the question?"
      Henry Poincaré"Make it as simple as possible, but not more."
      "What is worth of counting, can not be counted"
      Albert Einstein

      “Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts”
      Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

      Now, my friend I want to encourage you to help me to find that awesome place where Truth and Reason resides… This is a conversation: A debate, nor a debacle, neither an struggle… This is a Platonic dialogue set up to enlighten each one of its participants... I am an advocate of Socrates, and as such and with him I assert that without questions, nobody could give birth to her/his own knowledge… Please Mr. Hamilton, honour me gifting my mind with your questions and don't quiting this debate.




      Ingenuity, intuitivity and serendipity are among the most valuable gifts to the soul... Treasure them.
      • Feb 8 2012: You are very insigtful , Wonderful !

        "The question is not: What is the answer? The question is: What is the question?"

        We haven't figured out the question we should ask because it can not be asked.

        My friend (may I call?), Not everything can be asked.

        Questions are mere figure of speech , We ask inorder to ask.

        If you want to find a question ( or answer) in terms of darkmatter , try to feel your surrounding ( close your eye and mind).

        Remember , you are within Darkmatter. So you will know. ( you only have to realize)
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        Feb 8 2012: I had a very odd question awhile back, and it fits in line with the ether a bit... I can't remember now, if it were Newton or Einstein, but I believe it was Einstein in the first part of general relativity, who suggested, that if the earth was expanding at 9.9 ms squared, it would feel exactly the same, as if we were being drawn to the earth at 9.9 ms squared... He never really explained why he abandoned that line of reasoning.

        What if we are all constantly expanding, at a certain speed, or, what if our atoms are reproducing, at a certain speed? Couldn't we be like a bubble expanding in the ether, and that's just, what our eyes are used to seeing? This is what the constant expansion and reproduction of matter in the ether looks like.

        Heat from the expansion of the sun pushes our planet away, and it would look smaller, if it weren't getting bigger. What if the sun, is where matter, reproduces? And, once created, matter naturally expands, and bumps into itself, trying to recreate the experience of the stars.

        I like the idea...
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    Feb 23 2012: If this debate would be held without bottom-line I will be grateful, because at most in a week ahead, my Internet connection will be set as unavailable, and I it will take to me some 3-6 months as for affording its resoration... So, I want to let here a sequence of 11 tweets concerning this debate subject I broadcasted throuth the later days (Is my purpose on showing those here at TED, as for depicting the serendipitous stage where my mind is from about a year a go, on pursuing the most thoroughly understanding I can, of the scientifical support for the two main writting projects (My first Sci-Fi Novel "¡Cualli itch a cosamalot!" and my first essay on Artificial intelligence "An Essay Concerning Artificial Learning")...· I am working on those from about 15 years a go the forner and 1.5 years a go the later...
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    Feb 23 2012: 1) little things used to be most reliable than bigger ones... Einstein have set: "Keep it simple, but only enough"
    2) Would Dark Matter be the side of the Infinity Sign Moebius Band opposite to that where Light develops Normal Matter thru Space-Time?
    3) Looking for Dark Matter far away? Just stare in awe at your own shadow and rethink from zero about such a matter.
    4) For what which any one needs as for giving a deep in thought glance to her/his shadow is to have the Sun at her/his own back.
    5) No one needs any special technoware, but the three natural wonders of which she/he was gifted from the instant of her/his very conception...
    6) As each space dimension bends into its next and space bends into space-time; the later bends into space-time-aether: shadows of space-time.
    7) @DrKiki Thank you for been there I wonder if one science celtic-galeic-phoenician-sakuran-nahuatlaca would become united with science ninjas
    8) LIGTH is the speed limit of our moebius side of the Universe but if in the aheterian side don't exists LIGHT: What is the speed limit there?
    9) May some body build fine mathematical kit and its related experiments as for detecting what is a particle speed through a shadow lenght?
    10) The osmotic transition among the two moebius band realms is the negative-zero point where positive infinity changes into negative-infinity
    11) SHADOWS, SILENCES AND PAUSES On VERBAL MANIFESTATIONS are the gaps linking our Sensible Universe to the Dark Universe... Earthlings just awe
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    Feb, 08, 2012

    1) My account on Twitter: @Iokarlo ((If yow want to honour me by following my tweets , please identify yourself as a TED member).
    2) Nikola Tesla (Clue borrowed from a Mr. David Hamilton comment in this debate):
    3) Keratin (Clue borrowed from a Mr. Tommy Bong comment in this debate):
    4) Luminiferous aether (Clue borrowed from a Mr. David Hamilton comment in this debate):

    Extracted from Aether Theories on Wikipedia:
    John Bell, interviewed by Paul Davies in "The Ghost in the Atom" has suggested that an aether theory might help resolve the EPR paradox by allowing a reference frame in which signals go faster than light.[2] He suggests Lorentz contraction is perfectly coherent, not inconsistent with relativity, and could produce an aether theory perfectly consistent with the Michelson-Morley experiment. Bell suggests the aether was wrongly rejected on purely philosophical grounds: "what is unobservable does not exist" [p.49]. Einstein wrote that the Special Theory of Relativity "does not compel us to deny the Aether. We may assume the existence of an Aether".

    5) From an idea occurred to me last night been in a very serendipitous state of mind (I'll depict the process in a later comment):
    What is a shadow? We see it when light ceases to illuminate normal matter and thus, is it a dark matter visible manifestation?