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What happens (and how do we know) when we move from thinking to feeling?

I am currently exploring the thinking/feeling continuum with a group of students at my school. If we can raise our self-awareness to the level of knowing when we shift from thinking to feeling (and where on the line is our default setting) then I believe we can live at an enhanced level of Flow and enjoy greater levels of fulfillment; but what do you think? I would like to know if people readily know how to describe their place on a continuum with thinking at one end and feeling at the other. Does anyone exist right in the middle and if so, is it truly a powerful place to be?


Closing Statement from Stuart Woods

Thank you to everyone for their insightful comments and conversations. I have learned a lot. It is clear my assumptions as thinking/feeling on a continuum was over simplistic and the complexities of our consciousness in realizing 'where we are' in the moment and over time depends on many factors. Particularly I now understand that fulfillment somewhat depends on balance and awareness of the two together as well as separate elements to be considered individually.One of my students summed up her understanding of this question (bearing in mind she is 14 years old) she said ' sir, I see it as cyclical not as a continuum, she then asked ' so where does intuition fit here?'.......I think she should join TED!

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    Feb 6 2012: Watch Spock and Kirk talk with each other. Logic communicating with emotion. :)

    I personally love the Myers-Briggs scales.
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      Feb 6 2012: Thanks Thomas, yes I agree! personally Myers Briggs has opened up useful awareness of peoples approaches and styles (particularity in work) .

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