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Can science fix a broken heart ?

If science can give us moral answers, and helps us tell right from wrong, then can it help us with our broken heart ?

  • Feb 12 2012: i fixed my heart by making an illusion that the person will come back one day to me. in the meantime, i decided, i need to prepare and be the best i can: work out a lot, eat healthy and go out with friends and just preoccupy myself with hobbies. what i achieved by this was: i was calm - i thought i still have a chance, i just need to wait, and also i wasnt desperate to find someone else. eventually, i got really fit and after a few months i didnt even want that person anymore, as he wasnt worth it, i had other people interested in me. i certainly dont hope for him to come back. the illusion is deleted in my head painlessly. full stop
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    Zack K

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    Feb 11 2012: That is something that is spiritual, science is in the physical and mental world.
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    Feb 6 2012: Well all I know is you can die from one.

    “The heart has reasons that reason cannot know.”
    ~Blaise Pascal
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    Feb 5 2012: Well, a 'broken heart' fixes itself through a series of dispelling/dispersal of immediate memories of the person/issue , a psychological acceptance of the events and the adaption to the new circumstances, all of which usually relate to a length of time
    (Which I guess provides validity to the phrase 'time is a great healer')

    You can also 'mend' (or atleast stifle) the feelings with
    -An adequate replacement (known as rebounding)
    -The release of endorphins (Eating chocolate or icecream)
    -Keeping your mind pre-occupied with other thoughts or lack there of (friends making you go out with them)
    -An overly optimistic outlook for the future from that point (self delusion)
    -Impairment of your faculties (alcohol)

    I think humans have essentially worked out the way to fix the issue themselves already..
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    E G

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    Feb 10 2012: No the science can't fix a broken heart , the science is not about this , it don't have moral value .
  • Feb 10 2012: your heart is supposed to be broken ...thats how the light gets in through all the littel cracks:)
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    Feb 8 2012: Science as a rule is about proving and disproving measurable theories. Science can give you right on wrong in the case of more practical subjects such as "would feeding my children old computer parts help them achieve more in school". Obviously the answer is no because your children would not be able to perform well academically if they are dead, but my point stands that it cannot answer morally right and wrong... only yes and no ultimately.

    in the case of a broken heart... I guess it would be the manipulation of hormones and psychological cleansing that would "fix" a broken heart... however I think fixing it is a bad idea... our experiences define us and help us grow emotionally and to be able to just fix it, like popping a pill would remove something that is important to being human.
  • Feb 8 2012: But to a point, arn't most things science? You can always at least try to explain something...
    You could tell about the chemicals and electric signals in the brain, and from that try to stop the feelings from happining.
    But would anyone ever want themselves manipulated like that? We are very far from anything that could ever do that, anyways.
    But now, no. Science could not fix it with simple words. They could expain it, but never fix it.
  • Feb 6 2012: My wife said "sometimes". that's right. we may be cared. however we can not cured obiously.