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Can science fix a broken heart ?

If science can give us moral answers, and helps us tell right from wrong, then can it help us with our broken heart ?


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    Feb 8 2012: Science as a rule is about proving and disproving measurable theories. Science can give you right on wrong in the case of more practical subjects such as "would feeding my children old computer parts help them achieve more in school". Obviously the answer is no because your children would not be able to perform well academically if they are dead, but my point stands that it cannot answer morally right and wrong... only yes and no ultimately.

    in the case of a broken heart... I guess it would be the manipulation of hormones and psychological cleansing that would "fix" a broken heart... however I think fixing it is a bad idea... our experiences define us and help us grow emotionally and to be able to just fix it, like popping a pill would remove something that is important to being human.

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