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What idea is worth creating a disruption & what, who, where, how would you disrupt?

It is true that no change ever comes about by remaining comfortable. We must expand the familiar and find new ground, become new people and ultimately disturb the peace (Why change requires a disruption of peace is a whole other subject Ill have to work on another time!).

That's why I am asking the question.. What change is worth making yourself (and maybe others) uncomfortable?


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    Feb 9 2012: The change I want to make to me is behave and relate to others and myself in a way that considers the long term, not just right now. I want the way I relate to my son, my husband, my family, my friends, to consider not just the small petty thing that has hold of me now, but the importance they have in my life. That's the biggest change I want to make. And it's totally worth it. And it's a work in progress. :) And it's VERY uncomfortable in that petty moment.

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