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What idea is worth creating a disruption & what, who, where, how would you disrupt?

It is true that no change ever comes about by remaining comfortable. We must expand the familiar and find new ground, become new people and ultimately disturb the peace (Why change requires a disruption of peace is a whole other subject Ill have to work on another time!).

That's why I am asking the question.. What change is worth making yourself (and maybe others) uncomfortable?


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  • Feb 7 2012: I have lived in six different countries in the last eleven years.
    I can confidently tell you that I have grown very fast thanks to all those years abroad. I am not saying that everyone should change countries, but that change can be a very good way to learn and evolve.
    My daughter told me when I asked her about our last move. Don't worry, it is going to be ok... there is skype. Now the class she used to be in thailand and her new class in china are corresponding via the Internet.
    People around me used to think my weak point was that I loved doing everything and would always change my subjects of interest. I turned that weakness a quality. I am lucky that this century focuses on crossing disciplines.
    Egypt taught me about archeology. I taught English to very happy and enthousiastic poor children and took care of an very sad rich little girl. North of Thailand taught me about Quieting my thoughts, keeping calm inside. My kids taught me loads...A handicapped little girl taught me how even one of the tiniest and most dependable human on earth could have a positive impact on many people's life... I learned new languages, new ways of thinking... Etc..
    I believe in a way that Everything is linked. No matter who we are, we have an impact on the rest of the world.
    Now, IMMANUEL KANT for example, did not change one thing to his way of life during years. doing so helped him to concentrate on his work. And with his new ideas, he changed the world of philosophy, justice, astronomy and so on.
    And I agree that Often in my life, I found myself wasting time finding a new home again, settling,etc when I could have been doing something more constructive.
    I think a good change for some of us would be to not only Invest ourselves in careers and accomplish amazing popular things but to also acknowledge the importance of attitude. A great attitude in day to day's life has a major impact on people around you.
    I think I should start changing less and settling a bit... for a change
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      Feb 9 2012: Manue, thank you for the insight.. are you saying that "settling" would be a disruption for you? And it is how you would create change in your own life?
      If so, I can totally relate!! I too traveled all over from city to city, country to country and found that when I finally settled in Western North Carolina, USA, I was surprised by the amount of discomfort I felt, and still feel today just by being still, in one place!!
      • Feb 9 2012: I think that going back to France would probably be challenging (except Paris?) it would probably be more challenging than moving in some other "foreign country". If we lived in France, our kids might not be able to go to an International school, and they might have to get adapted to a very different old educational system. And I might find it more difficult to find foreigners from all over the world to share experiences abroad with. I feel, that after a few months spent in France, I would feel the urge to go and discover a new place. I did not feel ready to leave thailand to go to china, but now that I am there, I am having such a good time visitng china, sharing ideas and stories daily with my Chinese neighbor and learning Chinese.
        How many times have I heard that in general, people coming back to their home country after years abroad have more difficulties to get adapted than when they just arrived abroad! I can imagine this could to be also true for me.
        Now, I have to say that changing countries every two years when you have children is not that easy. And I am getting tired. I feel I am spending far too much time on practical issues (housing, shipment, new circle of friends) when I could be focusing on projects and staying with my old friends. Last year, I spent months writing every single day for hours, with very strict habits to get things done. However, I have not been able to do so with such a regularity during the past months, before and after moving. But, my writing is fed by my life experiences, so that is ok! There is a time for everything. I feel I am a global citizen and I sometimes imagine I could go and travel in space! Anyhow, I feel there will be a time to settle.... Maybe not in France.
        How about you? Is western north Carolina your home region? Are you planning to move again? Why? Why not?

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