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Should we provide wages to students to attend high school?

In order to improve graduation rates, improve discipline in the class room, provide enjoyment, and the best bang for the buck from a small stimulus package suppose we pay high school students a “wage” for attending class. The catch is, though, to collect your weekly wage you need two things: 1) Perfect attendance for the week, 2) No in school or out of school suspensions.

If they pass an economic and health test e.g. know types of loans especially home loans and pay day loans, the insidious nature of credit cards, what is good nutrition, especially the dangers of sugar and cigarettes, they get a bonus of $50.

I recommend a wage of $25/week. For a 40 week year the student with perfect attendance (sick days validated by a doctor are acceptable) would get $1000. Maximum cost: about $14.5 billion/year. That’s assuming perfect attendance for the entire year by every student.

Giving the kids a little spending money would provide significant multiplier effects because most kids, unlike the big banks, will actually spend the money. We should see an increase in consumerism because the steady “employment” will be a continuous revenue stream for the kids.


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    Feb 6 2012: People get paid for producing something in a free society.

    Do student produce anything? If so allow them to be paid accordingly.

    Making school more production-oriented may be a good idea. But your idea is a bad one.

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