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Do we all have multi personality disorder

Many times I have heard people talk of having different persona. Is this true? Do we have an "Internet" and "Real World" persona? Is it true that the same person reacts differently to a post and a verbal question. What do you think?

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    Feb 5 2012: I don't believe multiple personality disorder is an accurate representation of this scenario for the same reason you don't consider yourself to have two personalities when you go from happy to angry.

    Its the same person and personality, only the situation determines what characteristics surface the most. In this case its usually anonymity .
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    Feb 6 2012: It isn't about "personality disorders" - because science does not even know what a personality is yet - it is about the degree in which we perform cognitive biases and how much we are aware in which we perform such biases. If one is unaware of HOW (- in what perspective) one is actively thinking about something, then one is restricted to pure subjective thoughts -> no matter how much one argues they are objective.

    I think "intellection disorders" is more appropriate -> which is dependent on cognitive biases and in my opinion - multiculturalism, liberal-democratic educations, a want of wisdom and a well-rounded understanding of "self."
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      Feb 7 2012: I agree Nicholas, that it is important to have a "well-rounded understanding of "self"". This practice sometimes helps us organize, that which may seem like "disorder". When we explore anything on a deeper level, we have a better understanding of it, including our "self". As you say..."If one is unaware of HOW (- in what perspective) one is actively thinking about something, then one is restricted..."
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    Feb 5 2012: We have the potential for multi personalities, personas, characteristics and archetypes, and I do not percieve this to be a's not a's a feature:>)

    We are multi sensory, multi dementional human beings, and have the ability to experience our "self" on many different levels. As Xavier insightfully points out, it is the situation that may determine what characteristics surface the most, AND we have choices regarding what characteristics we would like to surface at any given time. The more we know our "self", the more choices we have for the manifestation of different characteristics. Of course people react differently to various life situations. We ARE different, we can recognize our differences and similarities, act and react on many different levels:>)
  • Feb 8 2012: I would say no. Perhaps we sometimes have a different mindset when we go online. The shy people may be encouraged to get a little bolder, and in some cases the bold people may be encouraged to be a bit more diplomatic - or they just get even bolder. I'd say that is the case. Not that we all have "muti personality disorder".

    People say they have an alternate persona on the internet, but it is not unlike how you act differently in a loud, rowdy party than at a black tie event sort of party where you see people chatting to each other and there's a guy playing classical cello music in the corner.
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    Feb 6 2012: yes. we react to the same situation in different ways evrytime before we know about the situation and after the situation. for instance, a person who is blamed for a mistake by people before knowing the actual reason for his deed is also sympathized for d same deed if he has done that due to some awkward situation he had to face.
    for eg. a person went to a park with his child. he made them sit in a corner and sat nearby closing his eyes. by this time the child notoriously plucked all the flowers, createda mess in d park. people around were pissed by the behaviour of the child and were blaming the guy to be a lousy and irresponsible of the people over there went to him and woke him up and solded him for being such a irresponsible ather. the father apolozised for his mistake. then he said that 15 mintues ago the same child was crying out his heart on his mothers corpse.if he had taken the child home he might have died crying too thatsy he bought him to the park to divert his mind and forget his mother for a while. on which the guy showed a sign of empathy. so do we have in our mind before knowing the reason and after knowing the reason.
    this clearly shows the multi personality of human.