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Which are your favorite web-browser apps?

Apps have the ability to greatly enhance our experience on the web!

Which do you use and why?

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    Feb 6 2012: Google Dictionary is my favorite app in Google Chrome, double click on a word or select a sentence and immediately see the definition of that word, and if it's a different language, it translates too! If you don't know how to pronounce the word, you can click the speaker icon to hear and it doesn't annoys while browsing, superb tool.

    An ad-blocker is very welcome in this age of commercials, sadly this slows down browsing drastically as the tool checks all the code before showing the website. I'm using the AdBlock app.
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      Feb 13 2012: Google dictionary (and also Goolge Translate) are among the top apps as I see it, most stuff by Google is!
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    Feb 5 2012: .
    -Speed dial (app for firefox, as standard on opera).
    Allows you to set up and automatically load certain websites with 1 click.
    I typically open 2 email addresses, youtube and 4 other websites all in just a few seconds.

    -Ad block.
    Prevents alot of commercials and popups

    -Opera turbo
    Speeds up my internet by blocking most banners and auto-play videos on websites

    -Juice defender (for android O.S)
    Increases the length of my mobile/tablet pc battery by upto 30%
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    Feb 13 2012: So, maybe I'll share some of mine... ;-P

    *All applications apply to Google's web browser Chrome but you can probably find it (or similar) on other browsers*
    *All applications are FREE*

    "TooManyTabs" is a good tool for saving your tabs when they get too many, just add them to the app and bring them out whenever you want.

    "Google Share" There are Many (with a capital M) share tools that you can use... you only really need one good one and I used to use "AddThis" but I'm now using Google's...

    The "Google 1+" button is a great app for rating the web, just add a 1+ to any site you like and it'll gain status on the search engine.

    "StumbleUpon" is probably the best way to find websites that you like, just register (or connect to Facebook/Twitter) and go stumbling across the web! You'll probably love it!

    "Google mail checker" is handy for a quick check to see if you have mail.

    "Buffer" Is great for spacing out your Facebook messages and Tweets, simply click the Buffer button and add a message (optional) and buffer will post that message when it is most appropriate.

    "AdBlock" - Need I say more?

    "Diigo" - It's like "my photo album" but for the web. Bookmark, archive, highlight, readlater and much much more! It's kind of like Pearltrees and Pinterest... only not... I strongly recommend using it.

    Well, that will do for now... Enjoy!
  • Feb 6 2012: well .. for me it is opera turbo
    it is much more easy to use than other browsers ... and anther reason.. cos it doe nt stick like others do
    a mean i have been using Chrome for more than 2 years but it sticks a lot