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Student - B.S - Computer Science, Baldwin-Wallace College

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How do I sign up to attend a TEDx Event?

There are several upcoming, open TEDx events happening in my area (Paris, France), but I can't find a place to sign up to attend any of them. I was under the understanding that anyone could attend an open TEDx event. Is my understanding wrong, or am I missing a key step? Sorry if this is a basic question, but this is my first time to try and attend any TED or TEDx events.

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    Feb 7 2012: Why not try to get contract with the organizer?And they will tell you how to do.Actually,in my college,the TEDx conference are free to everybody so thatt we can exchange idea.
    Hope you can attend it as soon as possible.

    PS:TED is different from TEDx,and TEDx is much esaier to take part in.