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Looking for TED talks to inspire a group about to experience (positive) change

I am looking for TED talks (or possibly a professionally produced training video) that would help a group of 150 software product developers understand what they are likely to experience as they undertake a significant change to their development process.

What I have been able to find so far (outside of TED) focuses on the emotional phases experienced when dealing with tragic events, layoffs, office closures, etc. Those are NOT appropriate as this is a positive change. Yet many will still go through phases from denial to resistance to exploration before finally getting to acceptance and commitment.

Talks that would prepare and inspire them for what they are (likely) to experience during the transition from long-held ways of doing things to a different approach. A talk by someone who led a staid company that had plateaued, realized it needed to change, committed to change and came out much better for it, but that also addresses the challenges and emotions experienced along the way would be ideal. Thanks.

  • Feb 12 2012: Thanks Fritzie ... It is closer to the former: motivating employees to accept a change their management believes will be positive. Although it is less about motivating them to accept the change (which will be covered separately) than it is about helping the staff understand that “we want you to be aware of what emotions we are likely to experience as we change our long-held practices.” Specifically, that is is normal for first reactions to be denial & resistance before opening up to the possibilities that change might bring, then buying in to the challenge and excitement of new opportunities.

    The closest I was able to come to finding something like this was the following Jamie Oliver training video:

    I would use it except that it is aimed more towards helping those responsible for leading change understand how their staff will react than it is to the staff themselves. I also found this, but since it was made in 1988 it may be dated. Unfortunately, there is no preview available nor could I find anyone who had used this video (if anyone out there has, I’d love too hear what you thought of it):

    Also suggested was the following TED talk by Shawn Achor:

    Excellent talk (at a blistering pace) with a great message about the power of positivity, but not so much about the emotional reaction to change. While these don’t quite work for my situation, I’m including them here in case someone at some point trips across this and finds it useful for their situation.
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    Feb 12 2012: Kevin, you have probably done this already, but when you search the internet for training videos for change management, you will find many that are aimed at getting employees to buy into new processes.
    What isn't quite clear from your question and what may explain why you have not yet gotten many responses is that it isn't clear whether you are looking to motivate employees to accept a change their management believes will be positive (but that employees may not) or whether you mean more that your employees are about to experience a serious windfall that they may not know how to handle.