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Is there such a thing as a soul, if so how is it defined?

Do people just cease to exist after they die? What happens to a person after death or before birth.

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    Feb 4 2012: We are living souls.

    We do not have a soul. We are souls.
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        Feb 5 2012: No.
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        Feb 6 2012: Only material entities can die. Bodies are just like your car; they grow old, deteriorate, & finally expire. The soul is created by god in the spiritual dimension; there is nothing to break, so we cannot die.

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          Feb 13 2012: Ezekiel 18:4...."Look!........The soul that is sinning--it itself will die."

          The soul dies, because we are living souls. Scriptural truth.

          This is hard to accept, I know.......but I will kindly expound, if you are interested Peter.

          You are welcome to email me.
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          Feb 13 2012: Peter, here's what Gary Petty (from "The Good News" magazine) has to say about it:

          "The Biblical Answer to Death .... the Bible plainly teaches that the dead lie in the grave and know nothing, think no thoughts, have no emotions, possess no consciousness. Does this mean death, the cessation of life, is final, the end of everything?

          "The Bible answers this question too. Although mankind is physical, subject to death, the good news is that God promises a resurrection to eternal life to everyone who repents, worships God and accepts Jesus as the Messiah and His sacrifice. [Now, this is all straight from the Bible so it HAS to be true] The first resurrection to immortality will take place when Christ returns to establish God's Kingdom on this earth.

          "Later will come another resurrection—to physical life—for people who had never had a relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ. They, too, will gain the opportunity for immortality. The true final answer is not death but resurrection."

          Interesting, eh, Peter, it's not the soul that is immortal but the body.

          I wonder how that works ... the soul is dead and the body living.


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          Feb 13 2012: Thomas, you are not funny....

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