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Is there such a thing as a soul, if so how is it defined?

Do people just cease to exist after they die? What happens to a person after death or before birth.

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  • Feb 4 2012: Michael, Right now you know the answers to these questions as well as anyone. I wonder what your response to your questions would be. I wonder how you would define a soul and whether you think people cease to exist after they die or if they existed before birth. I wonder if your mind and intuitions give you the same responses or different responses to these questions.
    • Feb 4 2012: What is your deal ? This is the second time I have read tour comments and I have to say: You sound very judgemental and not very nice! No one wants their question answered with a question. Is it you that may be afraid to share? Do you have low self esteem?Stop being mean. it is unacceptible here @ Ted.
      • Feb 7 2012: dru, I find it interesting that you are interpreting something neutral as negative. I guess we know where that is coming from. Perhaps you can explain what part of what I said that you consider to be "mean." If I agree with you, I will apologize and retract it. Furthermore, if you take another look, you will see that there are no questions in my response to Michael. Perhaps you are using me as a mirror of yourself. If so, I sure wish you had higher self-esteem and were nice and minimally judgemental and brave enough to share your significant thoughts and feelings. Happy Today.

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