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Social networking is an intriguing concept when it comes to keeping in touch with our friends but it has its share of highs and lows which may not be foreseen by everyone. It will not be the same in the coming future as it is today. But with its overwhelming utilities and our addictive social networking habit, we find it easy to ignore its consequences. On a social site we form relationships with people and keep in touch with all our friends, search for our long lost friends and stay in touch with our relatives who live in distance places. But among all of these, the biggest plus points of social networking are knowledge and the never ending process of learning. Awareness makes our life easier. Social site gives us a brilliant platform to spread and gain awareness otherwise we would have not even known about the existence of many things and issues in the absence of social networking. While networking we allow free flow of useful information, get warned about things which could hurt us and also get acquainted with helpful tips.
Social networking is not limited to connecting socially but it has many facets which add value to other aspects of our life too. For example, social sites are nowadays being used as a platform for online marketing and other brand promotion activities.

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