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Whether a single woman and 2 cats life can be regarded as a family?

Recently goverment in Beijing is ready to orgnizate a competition about " harmonious family". there are some certain standard ! For exmple: how many books in the family ? how long are familiers on internet everyday ? how many times the family travel every year ````and so on . I wonder whether a single woman and two cats life can be regarded as a family


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Thanks every friend who answered my question ! I feel warm and happy ! I am not good at English . I will work hard at learning English in order to get more love from the triends in the world !

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  • Feb 4 2012: I would regard yourself and 2 cats as family. Just because your animals can't speak in our language shouldn't have any bearing.Animals can become your family. They need your love and attention. It's imperitive.I feel, you are not wasting ANY of your affection, time or money. Clearly, Rhona was being judgemental. Don't take it personal.I am sure you have people in your life as well. As far as I'm concerned, The three of you already are family! In every sense of the word!!
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      Feb 4 2012: Thank you for your understanding me ! Yes , my cats can not chat with me , but i can talk to them ! In fact , I have workmates , neighbors. netfriends····in my life . And I have many interesting things to do in my spare time . I feel more quiet .warm. safe.peace. happy than before ···,of course occasionally I feel lonly , but I know it is only a part of life ! hehe .

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