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Whether a single woman and 2 cats life can be regarded as a family?

Recently goverment in Beijing is ready to orgnizate a competition about " harmonious family". there are some certain standard ! For exmple: how many books in the family ? how long are familiers on internet everyday ? how many times the family travel every year ````and so on . I wonder whether a single woman and two cats life can be regarded as a family

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Thanks every friend who answered my question ! I feel warm and happy ! I am not good at English . I will work hard at learning English in order to get more love from the triends in the world !

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    Feb 5 2012: Hi Lin, I love the cat family thing. Whatever works for now. I had a dog family once and i still feel warm remembering it. Eventually i let people into the family. People need people Lin, that ok and right. and then sometimes it feels as if they are the last thing we need.
    You and your cats are a family! Enter the competition. Fight to change the rules!
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      Feb 6 2012: Thank you ,Phillip ! I will try my best to seek for the fit people who must love my cats !!
  • Feb 5 2012: Being a pragmatist, (in these matters... but not always) I'd say a family is what the competition organizer defines as a "family". They have already defined "harmonious"... as I see from the description.

    Those who give away the prizes get to make the rules ;-).

    For a slightly less pragmatic answer to the same question, I'll quote from:
    Two monks were arguing about a flag. One said: "The flag is moving."
    The other said: "The wind is moving."
    The sixth patriarch happened to be passing by. He told them: "Not the wind, not the flag; mind is moving."
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      Feb 5 2012: Thanks a lot ! You are so smart ! I like that book you recomended !
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    Feb 4 2012: Oh a family is people
    and a family is love
    that's a family
    they live in all kinds
    of places
    and kinds of ways
    One's just right for me.

    "Song from a tv show"
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      Feb 4 2012: Thank you so much ! I love this song ! It is true the voice in my heart !
  • Feb 4 2012: I would regard yourself and 2 cats as family. Just because your animals can't speak in our language shouldn't have any bearing.Animals can become your family. They need your love and attention. It's imperitive.I feel, you are not wasting ANY of your affection, time or money. Clearly, Rhona was being judgemental. Don't take it personal.I am sure you have people in your life as well. As far as I'm concerned, The three of you already are family! In every sense of the word!!
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      Feb 4 2012: Thank you for your understanding me ! Yes , my cats can not chat with me , but i can talk to them ! In fact , I have workmates , neighbors. netfriends····in my life . And I have many interesting things to do in my spare time . I feel more quiet .warm. safe.peace. happy than before ···,of course occasionally I feel lonly , but I know it is only a part of life ! hehe .
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    Feb 4 2012: I think no. Even the standards: books, internet, travelling (of course the one may take her/his animals anywhere without their permission) are only for people. It's not a family, even though must be a very nice companionship. Cats are good, that's undeniable =]
    The thing is that we want this or no we put human features to our animals in our minds.
    Really, enjoy your time with cats, I know the time with cats is very enjoyable, but do not take that into other level than clear one: the friendship among a person and animals, OK, amazing animals.
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      Feb 4 2012: Thanks a lot ! i .love my cats and they love me !
  • Feb 4 2012: Consider interacting with your own species. Human beings need all the love and nurturing you are giving to your cats. The silence of your cats does not mean they are less critical and judgemental of you than human beings. People seem to be afraid of nearness to people for fear of the judgement and criticism that is heaped upon them. Anyway, I think it is a loss to humanity that you pour your affection, time, money and other resources onto your cats instead of onto human beings. I would not regard you and your cats as a family.
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      Feb 4 2012: thank you to give me your view . i got devorced 2 years ago , In fact i am fraid to get married again ! I feel i share the life of this status ! I have other familiers not in Beijing but in the other place .
      • Feb 7 2012: lin, I understand your hesitancy, but come up with the courage to dive back into loving one or more members of your own species. Ultimately, humans will yield greater fulfillment, love, happiness and a richer, more interesting life than cats. I hope your heart heals quickly from your divorce. People are complex and sometimes difficult, but we learn much from interacting with them about them and about ourselves. Come back to humanity. We miss you. Let the cats take care of themselves. Humanity needs you, wants you, appreciates you and enjoys you. In the meantime.....'to thine own self be good.' Power to the positive. Happy Today.
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          Feb 11 2012: In fact , I am cring now for these words you said ! Thanks so much ! I will try my best to change ! what you said give me so much power !