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Whether a single woman and 2 cats life can be regarded as a family?

Recently goverment in Beijing is ready to orgnizate a competition about " harmonious family". there are some certain standard ! For exmple: how many books in the family ? how long are familiers on internet everyday ? how many times the family travel every year ````and so on . I wonder whether a single woman and two cats life can be regarded as a family


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Thanks every friend who answered my question ! I feel warm and happy ! I am not good at English . I will work hard at learning English in order to get more love from the triends in the world !

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    Feb 4 2012: I think no. Even the standards: books, internet, travelling (of course the one may take her/his animals anywhere without their permission) are only for people. It's not a family, even though must be a very nice companionship. Cats are good, that's undeniable =]
    The thing is that we want this or no we put human features to our animals in our minds.
    Really, enjoy your time with cats, I know the time with cats is very enjoyable, but do not take that into other level than clear one: the friendship among a person and animals, OK, amazing animals.
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      Feb 4 2012: Thanks a lot ! i .love my cats and they love me !

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