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What all can be achieved through sharing stories?

I have a dream of seeing people learn more and more as passionately as they eat or sleep. I feel stories are a great and effective way of enabling learning. I have recently started a project as well which is going to be an encyclopedia of stories free for all. It is at in works still - www.storyfication.com

I need your help to brainstorm the possible uses of stories and how to spread the word to change the world for good. Think through and share. The kind of response i get on my blog also leads me to believe that people love a good story - www.abhinandanchatterjee.com

Closing Statement from Abhinandan Chatterjee

@ Subramaniyam P - Thanks for your input. Sounds like a great idea. I am already working on something similar with www.storyfication.com

Overall, I feel that stories are the key to inconsequential learning. Loot at like a no frills attached system of learning where we just share stories and let the readers/listeners find their own message. If the message is strong enough , it drives commitment. If it is not, we move on to the next story.

Thanks for your inputs everyone. Stories can make a difference!

  • Mar 2 2012: The best example is "Panchatantra" - where one can find ( even today ) the life lessons.
    In fact on the management subject of " change management" - I have written few stories - actually they are my experiences but converted them into stories. I have a desire that - Panchatantra itself - instead of animals - or Kings or Ministers - convert them into present day humans - say - an office atmosphere, or a marketing issue or even crisis management or as it was mentioned by Rhona Pavis - human resources, morale and many things. The story need not be a continues one and need not be a 250 page paper back - but 10 to 20 pages maximum like ( visit www.changethis.com) and sell them at a low price or in pdf files - the results will be excellent.
  • Feb 4 2012: Communication. Human interaction. Learning. Expressing. I like stories. Tell us yours, if you feel like it.
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    Feb 7 2012: @ Rhona Pavis - Thanks for the answer. While you are write about Communication. Human interaction. Learning. and Expressing. I am more interested in finding out how to to substantiate or make such learning tangible.

    If it helps I am sharing with you my story too, its a true story and i just rewrote it - http://abhinandanchatterjee.com/2011/12/22/how-hard-can-life-be/ Help if you can to find the tangible learning from this.