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Why is breast cancer detection technology so primitive?

While Komen v. Planned Parenthood has us all fired up about access to breast cancer screening let's talk about the pathetic state of the actual screening technology. Why is that in the 50 years that mammography has been in use there's been no progress in improving the experience of having a mammogram and relatively little progress in improving the accuracy of detection? Perhaps more importantly, why is it that new and better technologies are ignored or left underfunded?


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    Feb 4 2012: The cynic in me also goes with the "because there's too much money in the status quo" option.

    Then again, I know several women whose breast cancer was caught by ultrasound, not mammography - one of whom had to override her own doctor and check the "ultrasound" box herself when she was getting tested because he thought she was being a hypochondriac when she said she knew something was wrong.

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