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Project Manager, ADBA Integrated Marketing Communications

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Are you really happy with your job?

I kind of feel like nobody is fully happy with their jobs. It is kind of a sickness, these days. It's mostly, we have been grown up being told we have to earn money before we can run after our dreams.
If you are happy, please tell us the secret.
If you are not happy, tell us the reason.


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  • Feb 7 2012: I'm happy with my current job but I believe that there must be something else that I can do better and love more. To me life is a journey to find the reason why I live and what I like the most. Work is just a part of it, probably a tiny piece. As many people here said earlier, I totally agree that if I don't like my job, then I should quit it and don't waste my life. It is, however, a painful and difficult decision to make.

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