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Are you really happy with your job?

I kind of feel like nobody is fully happy with their jobs. It is kind of a sickness, these days. It's mostly, we have been grown up being told we have to earn money before we can run after our dreams.
If you are happy, please tell us the secret.
If you are not happy, tell us the reason.


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    Feb 6 2012: I am completely happy with my present job. There is a lot of reason behind this first of all i would like to say that my previous job was terribly tough and challenging and i never wanted that sort of job. But i feel really relax and comfort with my recent job. Actually everything is depends on your perception and the way you receive it, if you think that you can not cope with your job and end of the day it will really difficult to go with the rhythm therefore i would say that take everything very simple and easy way and let it go as we go. Cheers. Probir

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