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Are you really happy with your job?

I kind of feel like nobody is fully happy with their jobs. It is kind of a sickness, these days. It's mostly, we have been grown up being told we have to earn money before we can run after our dreams.
If you are happy, please tell us the secret.
If you are not happy, tell us the reason.


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  • Feb 4 2012: I work as a Nursery Assistant at a large Nursery in England. I love my job and i cant imagine doing anything else I am on a low wage the work is physically demanding and can be emotionally draining. I see this as my calling in life helping children to develop is very rewarding. The positive out weigh the negative aspects of my job everyday! I think I could not go to a job I did not enjoy and have sympathy for people who do. Earning a low wage can be difficult and I do struggle but I am generally a happy person which to me has more worth than a big house/car. I also have a lot of self respect and pride within my role which in turn means I am respected as a practitioner. I guess enjoying my work means Im a very lucky person?

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