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Could TED conversations be improved by adding a country-related filter? And even pave the way to start local TED-inspired actions?

Love TED, some talks had a major influence on how I see the world, even in my career.

And love TED conversations, this opportunity to connect with concerned citizens all around the world to talk, debate or spread ideas is so valuable.

But I would also love to ignite or participate in debates that are specific to regions or countries, for 2 particular reasons:
1. One stems from curiosity: getting to know a country better, its inhabitants, its customs and culture. TED conversations offer global ideas, wouldn't it also be great to have access to glo-cal ideas, conversations and debates?
2. The second reasons would tend to a higher purpose: to take TED's vision a step further. A kind of a "rubber hits the road" thing.

Indeed, when you browse throughout TED conversations, one thing is striking: the hunger or interest of TED community members to apply these ideas in real life (here, a search with the keyword "action" http://www.ted.com/conversations/search?type=keyword&term=action&submit=Go)

This wish does appear regularly, doesn't it?
Hence this question or wish.
For me, those talks are like a push in my back to do something, and I can't think of a better way to start with people who could feel the same way. And being pragmatic, starting with TED members of your own country or region would be like having a head start to make things happen.

A simple "country filter" of the TED conversations isn't much. But it could lead to something big, from "food for thought" to "food for action".


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