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Invite Allan Savory to do a TED talk about reclaiming desert using cattle.

In this fascinating lecture: http://vimeo.com/8239427
Allan Savory proposes an explanation, and a solution, to the widespread problem of desertification, along with all its effects on global climate change, poverty etc.
The video has depressingly few views, and is not to be found on Youtube. To me, this seems like crucial knowledge for the environmental movement to be able to move in the right direction, and not head down a monocrop, agricultural path path to further environmental destruction, paved with vegan philosophy and good intentions. Please take the time to watch this lecture, I can almost guarantee an "aha!" moment. And if you feel like me, that this man has something very important to share, that is in desperate need of an audience the size of TED's, then please make your voice heard for Allan Savory to be invited to do a TED talk!


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  • Feb 25 2012: I have followed Alan's work for several years and I have always wondered why the mainstream wasn't interested. I suppose that people weren't that interested to learn that the earth wasnt flat either. Well it's not flat, and it doesn't function in a linear manner. Alan figured that out forty years ago and now he has a solution for climate change that will work. Just put things back in balance. He will tell you how.

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