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SOPA and PIPA bills will have the net result of isolating the US from the rest of the world.

If SOPA and PIPA can compell US based ISPs and web companies from offering access to content that may be outlawed, then surely web users will migrate away from US search engines and websites. If Google will not take me to the page I want to go to, then an alternative search engine, not restricted by SOPA and PIPA will increase its market share of my web traffic.
This isn't much help to US citizens within the US who will have all their access ports controlled by ISPs regulating content, and hence will not have access to sites that I have access.
Through PIPA and SOPA, US citizens inside the US will be effectively cutoff from the free content the rest of the world will enjoy. With the potential negative economic effects that isolation brings.

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    Feb 5 2012: I agree.

    It won't be total - but certainly will take a big bite out of what is accessible now.
    These overzealous bills mostly just serve to kill nascent emerging "arts" and industries.
    Worse - it serves to isolate us all, not just nation fom nation.