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How about using mystical stories as a placebo to help people in difficult situations to cope? But telling them, IT IS A PLACEBO.

What do you think about creating Mystical placebos without deception.
In a recent study patient with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome where given a placebo pill and told: this is a placebo. And it worked! A great percentage felt much better! Researchers at Harvard Medical School’s (HMS) Osher Research Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) 2010.
What do you think about using mystical stories to help people, telling them there are just stories, not real, but, ask them to "take them"? Wouldn't that be a good way to help fragile people not to get into a sect for example?


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    Feb 3 2012: Perhaps the act of looking for a result ( negative or positive ) after a milestone event in itself is what motivates recovery ?
    "Ok I know that was just a Placebo but the doctor seems to think this treatment has merit, do I feel any different now am I better or worse than yesterday because of this ?"
    Or is it the faith instilled by the administrator ?
    • Feb 3 2012: What ever it is, from the results, it works much better than doing nothing! I don t think all the administrators believe it had to work? Maybe they did. Maybe they should select the most skeptical administrators and add a study with: " I am giving you a placebo for the experience, it's is like a joke, I don't believe in it, but, hey, I am just doing my job"... and compare the tests!
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        Feb 3 2012: I love the idea of this sceptical doctor... "Yeah I'll give you this, it won't do a damn thing but, you are now part of a study into placebo effects. Good luck !"
        ha ha
        • Feb 4 2012: your answer made me laugh too! I did need to have a laugh today! Thanks
        • Feb 5 2012: it depends on what the doctor says if he says it wont do any good ..it is lesslikely to do good...if he looks at you with doom in his mind then you will pick that up and as we are biofeedback mechanisms and we go to soctors to close the loop if they feed negativity into our feedback loop we wil get more ill..or feel mor eill even if the condition is being cured because placebo has a lot more to do with perception than whetehr a treatment is effective or not...if you perceive something to be a certain way i guess it effects your whole system your healing and everything... so it svery important that doctors be honest but also that that be totally honest which would be to tell people the real truth ...which perhapso they don tknow ofr believe themselves... and even healers wont do this they will cling to some outer thing like an angel or something when in fact what they should be telling you is that telling you good things even if i make them up is good for you...even if there is no god even if there isno cure that science knows telling you good things will help you feel better and feeling better will help you get better and getting better is what its all about from all angles...

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