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How about using mystical stories as a placebo to help people in difficult situations to cope? But telling them, IT IS A PLACEBO.

What do you think about creating Mystical placebos without deception.
In a recent study patient with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome where given a placebo pill and told: this is a placebo. And it worked! A great percentage felt much better! Researchers at Harvard Medical School’s (HMS) Osher Research Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) 2010.
What do you think about using mystical stories to help people, telling them there are just stories, not real, but, ask them to "take them"? Wouldn't that be a good way to help fragile people not to get into a sect for example?


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    Feb 3 2012: People put a lot of merit into fabels and stories from the bible to help confirm a belief in god and these stories even manefest themselves as miracles or even disasters in the real world ...
    I think story telling as a form of cognatitive therapy could be effective, I don't know enough about this but I'm sure this is probably a valid method for recovery especially mental health issues like stress and depression.
    But tell a story with a fake happy ending ? could this be dangerous as you will enforce the patients dismissal of a problem... We protect children from pesemistic outcomes but should we do this to adults ?
    • Feb 3 2012: Yes it could probably be dangerous.

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