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can science be linked with god?

I believe that god made our world.Then there got to be an way that science can be linked with god.With help of science we found out the origin of the universe,so there has to be an way science should find an proof for god..............Stephen Hawkins told that science makes god unnessary then why this life came to existence.......Is our existence reason is god or the mere luck of the explosion in big bang.........even im in vergr of science I believe in god........but I am confused about this matter........please help me out this confusion


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  • Feb 12 2012: Well the thing is that science requires something to be falsifiable to be tested. Religion is by definition not falsifiable. There is absolutely no event that would show that a religion is false. Science has no way of judging religion, except when religion dabbles with science. see: "God of the gaps" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_of_the_gaps

    Good luck on your journey of self-discovery!

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