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can science be linked with god?

I believe that god made our world.Then there got to be an way that science can be linked with god.With help of science we found out the origin of the universe,so there has to be an way science should find an proof for god..............Stephen Hawkins told that science makes god unnessary then why this life came to existence.......Is our existence reason is god or the mere luck of the explosion in big bang.........even im in vergr of science I believe in god........but I am confused about this matter........please help me out this confusion


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    Feb 10 2012: To answer your question one must first define "God". I'm going to propose a little thought experiment: What if God was not a single entity? What if God was a huge mosaic formed from all human conciousness? Humans, throughout their existance have always felt the primary need to associate in groups, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. What if humans also need to feel there is something bigger than themselves in a spiritual way so they can feel more secure about what surrounds them phisically?

    What if "God" is the natural response humans have come up with to answer that need?

    To many it's very frightening (if I can say so) that we are just the result of 14 billion years of RANDOM events. For them it's unimaginable the fact that there is no higher force governing the universe.

    What if our minds are "set" to admit the existance of such a higher force, be it God or a universal mathematical equation?

    Science and "God" can be linked together by being different answers to the same questions, in my humble opinion.

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