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can science be linked with god?

I believe that god made our world.Then there got to be an way that science can be linked with god.With help of science we found out the origin of the universe,so there has to be an way science should find an proof for god..............Stephen Hawkins told that science makes god unnessary then why this life came to existence.......Is our existence reason is god or the mere luck of the explosion in big bang.........even im in vergr of science I believe in god........but I am confused about this matter........please help me out this confusion


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    Feb 6 2012: As an Agnostic that leans toward "yes"...who is God's God? I think Humanity may never know, because Infinity is infinite.
    We may see acts of higher power, but with all due respect, appreciation and humility for those higher powers; there are powers even greater.

    Science will continue to find evidence, religion will continue to find evidence, but even if there is proof, is it final?
    • Feb 6 2012: "religion will continue to find evidence"

      If religion had any evidence at all, it would be science. It has zero. Just as there is zero evidence in Zeus, Ra, Santa Claus and unicorns, but for some reason you choose to require evidence in order to believe in these things, but make some special exemption for one story out of all of them. Given there are thousands of supernatural claims throughout history and you only believe one of them, you are 99.99% atheist, yet still irrationally exempt that .001% from the same criteria you expect of all the rest.

      "but even if there is proof, is it final?"

      It cannot be final unless we know absolutely everything, which is as remote as there being a supernatural entity and unicorns. Science is entirely based in theories for this very reason. We can have mountains of evidence and it is still possible to be off the mark. This is where prediction comes into play. If our scientific theories can accurately predict everything we use them for, they are considered "proven" until either A: a prediction is wrong or B: evidence to the contrary comes to light.

      This is why when people say "evolution is just a theory" they are laughed at, as even if anyone found any evidence at all which disproves the theory, the theory would not simply vanish, but be revised to account for the new evidence, as it has for centuries. This is why scientific theories are more than "just theories", as the more confirming evidence you have, the less "off the mark" you can possibly be.
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        Feb 7 2012: Hi Edward.
        ""If religion had any evidence at all, it would be science. It has zero. ""

        Job 36:27-29 (NIV)
        [27] “He draws up the drops of water, which distill as rain to the streams ; [28] the clouds pour down their moistureand abundant showers fall on mankind. [29] Who can understand how he spreads out the clouds,

        The bible is full of evidence. Job is thought to be the oldest book & yet here is the hydrologic cycle; officially discovered in the 16 th century.

        The bible has always declared that the universe had a beginning & an end, & that it would run down in the meantime. Science up until recently declared it eternal. Some still do with the oscillating theory.

        The bible may be wrong, but it certainly doesn't lack evidence. No mention of Santa, & Faires; sorry.


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