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What is the point in jail and punishment? most the time you come out feeling more rebellious!

Especialy if you were sent for life. what would be the point for you wpuld never come out so you would never get another chance you might as well be dead really? I'm not trying to be offencive in anyway but i'm just interested to know how that's geting taught a lesson?

please comment your views on this argument


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These are all really really good explanations, thanyou i now have a much better understanding :)

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  • Feb 3 2012: The point of prison to be bluntly honest has to do with taking a certain man or woman who was unable to function in society and seperate him or her from the mass, because the other option would be to eliminate him or her on the spot. You're not meant to learn something in jail, if you do, it is entirely up to the individuals perspective of if the punsihment was just or not. In a way, in a much simpler way, it is like when a mother grounds her child because the child has behaved badly, the child is told to think about the actions that led to the punishment, if the child thinks about it it's because the child ends up agreeing that the punishment was just, if not, the child rebels, the same with the prison system. I hope I helped answer your question.

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