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What if we refocus education on helping students learn what they can do with what they have learned?

Inspired by this weblog post: http://teacherleaders.typepad.com/the_tempered_radical/2012/01/what-if-schools-created-a-culture-of-do-instead-of-a-culture-of-know.html

What say you?


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    Feb 3 2012: Teaching subjects through practical implication, real life examples rather than theoretic ones.
    I think subjects should cross over more.. wouldn't it be cool if the math teacher taught in conjunction with the physics teacher and the art teacher ?
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      Feb 3 2012: I was fortunate enough to have that kind of experience in high school, so I can say from first-hand experience that it completely changes the way the students learn, what they learn, and what they retain.

      Now, how to we extend that experience to every student? I wish I knew...
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        Feb 3 2012: It sounds like you had a good education there.
        I think a theatre production, as whimsical as it may sound, is the ideal classroom.
        I'm definitely not bias here because personally I find theatre a little uncomfortable, however.

        Every subject can be taught through a collaborative theatre production. All of the academic subjects, any chosen specific or hybrid subject and even things like life skills, social skills, business or physical exercise. All in one classroom. You even have the advantage of a critical audience aspect and then a presentation at the end for evaluation. Gives a whole new perspective on "play-school"
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          Feb 3 2012: Now that's an interesting idea!
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          Feb 3 2012: It's called Psycho-drama in the psychology world, and has GREAT learning possibilities:>)

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