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How can i fight addiction?

I am unfortunatly addicted to my computer, and was looking for a good solution to stop being so addicted. I want to be able to limet myself to it. It is a strong addiction because somtimes even when theres nothing to do on there i just automaticly turn it on. Any suggestions?

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    Feb 2 2012: I find that addictive personalities will often replace one addictive behaviour with another...so often the best we can do is make sure that the addiction is as harmless as possible...I replaced surfing ebay with reading....smoking with drinking tea...etc. Try and do as many varied activities as possible. Keep your mind and your hands busy. Watch out...even TED can be addictive.
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    Feb 2 2012: I wouldn't say you have an addiction, Tatelyn. It's a habit. And old habits die hard. I would advise picking up other hobbies that require physical activity (outdoors if possible). Usually I make a conscious note to stay off the computer during certain times of the day and go do something else (rearrange my room, read, do stuff I've been procrastinating on).
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      Feb 3 2012: Here's a quote for you: "Getting rid of a bad habit, is an undo-it-yourself project" :)
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    Feb 2 2012: I believe most people do the same, myself included.
    It may not be so much of an addition, rather the symptom from a combination of little else to do and procrastination.
    Start with trying to find a hobby/interest away from computer access (the gym, redecorating for example) and make a strict time schedule each night of what you want to complete in the following day.

    In most cases you won't feel the need to use the computer at that time (or atleast alot less).
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      Feb 2 2012: Thankyou and i bellive you'r right because whenever i'm doing somthing away from home, such as meeting up with friends i feel no need to go onto my computer.
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    Feb 5 2012: Get your Dad to set limits. I mean i do try. Is it my fault?
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      Feb 10 2012: dunno dont worry ill grow out of it when im a bit older ill ''get a life'' and get off computer games :)
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    Feb 2 2012: I find it ironic that you pose a question in regards to being addicted to your computer.. using your computer on the internet.
    Kind of funny.
    However, I must agree with Corvida and Xavier on the same notes. It's not an addiction, it's a talent and a habit. However, with talents and habits, you can't run them into the ground or you'll burn out or fear that you're addicted to a habit.
    So try something else and schedule computer usage for certain times; forcing yourself to fill unscheduled time with self-improvement or even just hanging out with the guys.

    You'll live, my friend.
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    Feb 2 2012: Whether it be habit or addiction, the only way to stop any addiction is to replace it with something else. Trying to limit yourself or cut yourself off altogether ultimately will not work. As a addict myself, I can attest to the power of love: you simply gotta find something you love more than whatever thing you're addicted to.

    You can do it, though. I believe in you!
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    Feb 2 2012: I know the feeling. Right now I should be in bed, sleeping!
    Well, here is what I know works:
    - Give yourself only that one target (not the one of reducing your time on the computer): do a least 20-30 min of sport per day if possible outside even if you don t feel like it. Actually, no, fix yourself the target to go outside with the idea of doing some sport. the more difficult part after all is the first one.

    Here is what might work in the future:
    - when the six sense will be available, I believe the issue will be different as our device will interact much more with reality.

    - What is your dream, your passion. I mean, not specificaly, but in general. You say you want to understand other people s point of view and learn more about yourself. Can you find a way to do that away from home?

    Good night... I am turning my computer off! I cannot give you lessons if I don t follow them myself!!
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    Feb 2 2012: Sometimes it's helpful to schedule your computer time. Find one or two times throughout the day to use it and limit the time on it....you can even put a timer. I find that time flies when I'm sitting at the computer, so a timer is helpful.

    Then the rest of the time find something to do outside the area where the computer is located.

    Get out and have fun!!
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    Feb 10 2012: Hello Tatelyn,

    I do not think that there is a miraculous solution to this addiction. I am not a specialist in psychology, but I got to understand that most addiction arise when we want to feel gaps in our lives.

    I do not know the environnement you are living in , nor your age, because in order to understand your addiction, these are necessary details to hold.

    A first step to make in order to have less hookups to your computer will be to set an outdoor recreational activity, more human interaction (I mean face to face chatting). A little vacation away from home will help you.

    Make chit chat friends over the phone, it might be of some help.

    Once you find something as relevant to your life, you might give little time to computers. And one thing that beats all the world records of deconnection with old habits is: "FALLING IN LOVE". :)
  • Feb 3 2012: Hi, Tatelyn
    if it's difficult to get rid of this addiction, why don't you ask your mom or your close friend to help you?
    You know, sometime it's effective to ask other people to control your behavior if you cannot control yourself at all.
    I used to ask my brother or mom to wake me up in the morning if I'm getting lazy in winter when I was young.
  • Feb 2 2012: Have you tried a baseball bat?
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      Feb 3 2012: To go and play outside or to destroy the computer?
  • Feb 2 2012: Break it.

    The computer, not the habit.