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How can i fight addiction?

I am unfortunatly addicted to my computer, and was looking for a good solution to stop being so addicted. I want to be able to limet myself to it. It is a strong addiction because somtimes even when theres nothing to do on there i just automaticly turn it on. Any suggestions?


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    Feb 10 2012: Hello Tatelyn,

    I do not think that there is a miraculous solution to this addiction. I am not a specialist in psychology, but I got to understand that most addiction arise when we want to feel gaps in our lives.

    I do not know the environnement you are living in , nor your age, because in order to understand your addiction, these are necessary details to hold.

    A first step to make in order to have less hookups to your computer will be to set an outdoor recreational activity, more human interaction (I mean face to face chatting). A little vacation away from home will help you.

    Make chit chat friends over the phone, it might be of some help.

    Once you find something as relevant to your life, you might give little time to computers. And one thing that beats all the world records of deconnection with old habits is: "FALLING IN LOVE". :)

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