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How should economy system that comes after capitalism look like?

History is much longer than human existence and it has shown that, how our society looks like in our lifetime, changes over time. In that timeline, commodity trade, commodity-currency and finally currency-currency trade are systems meant to serve for a while.
Recently, in the light of ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA, those who support acts that might limit internet freedom, say that it is necessary for them to "maintain their business model", and that piracy and copyright issues are making it impossible.
It might seem that they are spending too much money to lobby preservation of system at this moment of development, in stead of offering solution for its progress.
It might seem easier, and it is not unrealistic, to make new business models, achieve goals, and yet not repress middle and lower class.
However, in order for business models to change freely, monetary and economic system have to change as well.
How do you imagine system that is better and more human than capitalism?


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    Feb 2 2012: acta, sopa and pipa are not capitalist at all. they are anti-capitalist. big corporations want to keep the status quo, and try to use the states to do that. this is not capitalism, which supposed to be built on free competition. we do need change, but the change should be the demolition of artificially erected walls and barriers.
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      Feb 2 2012: I do agree that capitalism as a system is not bad, but last decades or practicing it made lots of rules and original idea bend in a way that is ruining that system. Do you have any idea how to save its essence than?
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        Feb 2 2012: not really. as i see it, everything comes from the people. it is simply false that power is hijacked, and politicians together with oligarchs rule the world. i think this system exists because people allow it to exist. and i see no easy way to change how people thinks.
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        Feb 7 2012: I agree capitalism is to continue at the scale it does today, but also agrre that the social benefit will have to be re-integrated.

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