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Where do you use math in your profession?

One of the most difficult challenges that math teachers face today is motivating their students. This becomes more difficult when faced with the all famous question: "What am I going to use this for?"

Help me with some real world examples of modern day math. Please let me know your profession and what type of math you use to share with our students.


Thank you everyone so much for the contributions! They are great and I wasn't expecting such a turn out. My goal is to gain enough examples and to use them at the start of each lecture. I'm hoping that these examples in the beginning of class will spark the student's interest for the reaming of the lecture and to show that that we really do use math.

There is a difference between having to learn something and wanting to learn something. When we have to learn it we just try to get through it. When we want to learn it, this is when we make breakthroughs. Stimulate the interest in students so that they want to learn math and we increase our probability in someone discovering the next breakthrough.


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    Feb 15 2012: In my day to day work as a project manager, one of the challenges I face is to get a large variety of professions to “speak” the same language. To get them to understand how their area of expertise and the things that they work with, affects the other areas in the company. Architects and economists, environmental managers and key account managers….
    It does not require that much arithmetic. But it does require a very acute sense of the creation and transformation of denominators and variables. You need to understand the math of the numbers and figures, without actually computing them.
    Personally I don’t like to do math. But the understanding of mathematics allows me to be part in projects and issues that are both exciting and challenging. I can be part of and help guide operations whose mathematics I understand, but could never perform.
    15 years after high school, I found the answer to the question I used to challenge my teacher with.

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