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Let students be teachers and curriculum developers

I've been thinking about this for quite a while now and since I'm an undergraduate student myself, I think there is definite potential here. We have the idea of teaching assistants at university level - but that just doesn't do it. The main idea is that our curriculum needs to be given thought to by students themselves - let a student in on the curriculum development board and ask for their input.

At this point there are many things that need to be discussed, mainly:
- Who gets to decide which students are worth being 'teachers' or 'curriculum developers'.
- What courses can be developed and taught by students.
- How do teachers ensure feedback about a particular course.
- What level should this be implemented at: Middle school, High school, or college/university?
- And a personal favourite of one of my professors: Would students make good teachers?


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    Mar 9 2011: For more than a decade now, I have facilitated an environment where elementary-high school age pupils have complete academic freedom within an educational republic (democracy). If standardized test scores are a concern, they routinely surpass national trends. With guidance, all curriculum standards can be met while individual interests remain a priority.

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