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Create an iPhone app called "Workout Buddy," where people who want to start working out can be paired with another like-minded person.

For those who want to start or go back to the work-out groove but aren't motivated to go themselves, people can better motivate themselves to go to the gym when they know someone else is right beside them, following the same cause to lose weight.

I would like to create an application where people can be paired with other people (aka their new "workout buddy") based on their gym locations and weight-loss goals.

I know there is an iPhone app already that incentivizes people to work out through money, but what about an app that motivates people to meet a new workout buddy, gain a stronger sense of commitment, and be more likely to follow-through their work-out plans?

I look forward to hearing from anyone regarding this idea. Thank you for your time.

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    Feb 2 2012: Sounds like another potential dating hook-up social network. Id prefer just finding a friend or joining rec classes. Youll meet more people with the same willingness to get/stay in shape and find fewer creepers.
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      Feb 2 2012: Thanks for the comment. True, I can see how creepers/pervs could sneak their way into this network. However, as with any social network, there is always this danger, which is why the people who use this application should already be aware (and have enough common sense) of the potential dangers of meeting someone they don't know.

      Also, what if a person doesn't have a willing friend or is too shy to initiate a conversation with another at a rec class?
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        Feb 2 2012: A similar conversation was brought up a week ago about the art of conversation being threatened by technology. Even if that app is created, you will have to communicate electronically and ultimately verbally with whomever you want to work out with. The purpose of a work-out buddy is to have someone there to motivate you and push you to work harder, you can't do that in silence. Making an app won't fix shy and introverted people. It's up to themselves and their personal drive to make a change.
        But it's got potential! It'll probably be made sooner or later at the rate apps are being made now
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          Feb 2 2012: Yes, you bring up very good points. I'm not talking about an app that will convert shy people to extroverts. Just saying that this app could already do the work for someone and match him/her with an ideal work-out buddy. And even motivation can come from silence--just the fact that someone else is physically there for support can help.

          Thanks for the conversation.
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    Feb 2 2012: Cool... and simple... You have a graduate gown on... Design it! Bet you'll make a pretty penny
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      Feb 2 2012: Gown belongs to the university. Yes, good idea though. Perhaps you can design it and make that pretty penny.