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A large scale vertical axis wind turbine that actually works and will last for centuries.

A multi bladed vertical axis wind turbine supported with cross cables can be built to almost any size. A prototype of this turbine is shown at The cross cables cause a power loss of 8% but the cost of building this turbine is less than 1/2 of modern wind turbines. The National Research Council in Canada has proven the turbine will last for centuries and scalable to very large sizes. A Caltech report released in July of 2011 shows that counter rotating vertical axis wind turbines can extract 10 times more power than horizontal axis wind turbines from a given area of land.

Why are we still building the three bladed horizontal axis wind turbines?

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    Feb 2 2012: You might be an interesting person to ask this question to... As I friended Kamkwama, and he responded, but did not know the answer... Can't we amplify windmills? For example, if you put turbines 10 feet apart... and ten feet in the air... What about the wind on the ground? Can't we use ramps made of plastic, or some other cheap recycled material to create conduits or ramps that amplify the effect of the wind?
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    Feb 1 2012: it is your web page? work on it, as it lacks information now.
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    Feb 1 2012: Status Quo.