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Can we suspend none cancer tissue only and accelerate cancer cells localized for electric field treatment?

I am curious if we could suspend a person using the methods discussed by mark Roth then in a localized manor reactivate cancerous cells up their metabolic rate so that the electric field has even quicker results because of the constant decision in this way the suspended cells would be unaffected and the cancer cells would be greatly reduced if not removed

  • Feb 2 2012: Or

    we could just take that marker they developed for coloring tissue bind it to the oxygen compound and when the cancer cell cuts the molecule it releases the oxygen molecule which takes that cell out of hibernation and if we flood the body with growth acceleration the cancer cells would then begin to divide at an accelerated rate and if we had the body in a e-field the cell divisions would fail and lead to cell deith killing almost all if not all of the cancer cells then when the rest of the tissue is woken up the growth accelerating compounds (maybe a steroid or a hormone) would then activate the other cells to begin an accelerated healing process which would lead to faster recovery
  • Feb 2 2012: So I've been watching ted for a few years now, and I've looked at the emerging anti cancertech. I thought that combining the suspended animation to turn off someones metabolism then waking up just the cancer (via injection or using the ultra sound tech discussed in ted talk by administration of a molecule which when exposed to ultrasonic vibration breaks down into an oxygen compound the reawakens these cells). At which point this area would become active in division. At this point expose the areas to very high levels of of electric feilds and these cells then that are now excited by the ultrasound start attempting to devide. This makes the cells exerience failed division and die. After a few hours of this excellerated treatment the majority of the caver will be dead and the rest of the body then could be reawakened and the normal electric field treatment could continue for up to a few months with use of the Quyen Nguyen: Color-coded surgery from ted talk to assist with mri scans to detect to see if any cancer remains.
    I am proposing this as a possible non invasive surgery for cancers that are in final stages which could possibly be an outpatient process with only a single injection of markers, the oxygen rich molecule and the suspending molecule.