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Hypothetically, If you became a leader in a post apocalyptic world how would you teach unity and tolerance to diverse demographics?

Nowadays I think we tend to take for granted that the government of the USA protects very diverse groups of people. What would happen if government just couldn't function for an extended period of time? It would be a little naive to say that we americans are so cool and so tolerant, when it was only through the facilitation of this democratic form of government and a lot of great historical figures that these things were acheived over a long long time. And we know of countries where this is just not the case. What strategies could be employed to maintain our solidarity? I've read about possibly having a world constitution. How would it go if you had to first get it through your own community and then try to get other communities to adopt it based on your humble intellectual authority? What leaders would you attempt to emulate?

So just for fun, what if we had to start completely over but didn't have the basics of what started this great experiment in the first place? What kind of politics would eventually prevail if you were in an election against your next door neighbor for your district and you are a passivist vegan granola head, but he is an aggressive redneck who likes to hunt for sport? Who's going to make that fair? I'm just not cynical enough to think we'd turn our technology against each other or become military states like others.

So, where would our fundamental values come from? Our nation was founded on freedom of religion, but in the beginning that wasn't really very diverse. Now look at us? How would you go about establishing common ground? I'd like to say that math and science are the universal language, but is there even any grounded tenant of science and technology higher than survival of the fittest that we teach in grade school? Is there something else you would turn to? Love of Harry Potter? or do you think it might be more like Hunger Games style? It's okay to speculate and make comparisons because this is completely fictional.

Or is it?


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    Feb 6 2012: Regarding survival of the fittest. Its been shown that there is another driving force besides competition in evolution and that is cooperation one of the attributed that makes the fittest is the ability to cooperate rather than compete. I hope we all learn this because its the best lesson to learn to avert a post apocalypse world
    • Feb 8 2012: Collabpration ! and trade!
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        Feb 8 2012: You enthusasim is welcome but please also give me a thumbs up?
        • Feb 9 2012: I'm not sure asking for thumbs-up is in the spirit of TED, russell...

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