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doesn't Hiring cyber criminals motivates cyber crimes?

Kevin Mitnick running Mitnick Security Consulting
Adrian Lamo working as an American threat analyst and the list goes on...
If we hire a cyber criminal aren't we motivating cyber crimes. It sounds like making a bank robber your banks security officer.

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    Feb 2 2012: You know... I once called myself a "Statue of Liberty" democrat, and a John Dilllnger republican. The John Dillinger Republican part, was designed to suggest the idea that "If a problem costs more money to fix... then to have... Don't bother". The FBI spent way more money chasing John Dillinger than he ever stole... Ironic much?

    I think we run into the same problem with cyber crime. We spend so much on these hackers... but... They are the last generation, not the new generation, and they can't compete. It costs way more money to hire these people, than they could possibly save us, because they are already obselete by the time they are hired... and yes... It incentivises hacking.
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      Feb 2 2012: Thanks for the reply David,
      I agree with you. The point i was trying to make is hiring them after being arrested instead of guys who show there skills by notifying about security flaws without doing damage, make it look like breaking into stuff is the way to prove your skills and that's motivating hackers to go on the crime path instead of working legally. If you notice the people who notify without doing any damage and hire them to fix it instead of the one who actually done a damage and got arrested, make it look like there is no job waiting for you after jail and can motivate hackers to work within there limits.
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        Feb 3 2012: Agree 100%. I would even go one step further... If they got caught... They aren't very good hackers : p