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What makes us human?

Charles Darwin brought us the concepts of survival of the fittest and natural selection. Anthropologists for decades argued what made us "human" was tool-making. Now that we know that Chimpanzees make tools some other definition is necessary.

Where survival of the fittest for humanity is concerned, it is far more about creating paradigm shifts that moves the collective mass of humanity forward, then genetic material. Do we really care about the blood line of Artistotle or his ideas?

Evolution for humanity is more about mental and spiritual evolution than evolution of our physical bodies.


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    Feb 1 2012: I think a lot about what separates us from animals and one of the things i come back to is that we can appreciate beauty, as for example: Why do we see the grand canyon as something beautiful? It holds nothing of value for us in terms of survival and so on. So our ability to appreciate the beauty of something i think is one of many things that makes us human.

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