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What should I bring to TEDActive?

For a first timer - any tips on what to bring to the conference - and what to pack when attending talks? Backpack full of notebooks and pens? Just an open mind?

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    Feb 3 2012: Curiosity and ears ready to be shocked and soothed.
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    Feb 5 2012: anything u do or think differently or specially
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    Feb 5 2012: Scissors - so you can play with me!
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    Feb 3 2012: Me also first timer. Some of my facebook friends(they're all TEDx licensees) suggested that bring something special from their TEDx events or experience. One of my friends gave me an advice to take brocures, business cards, and traditional clothes from my county and try to let them wear it. Now I'm preparing my own brochure including infos about me and our events. Hope to see you soon! :-)
  • Feb 3 2012: Bring your uniqueness!