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why is greatness is what everyone seeks?

now.......I live in India....here everyone is mad for respect and greatness.....for me being greatness is not such an issue........why does everyone run back for becoming the first?...........even my mom pushes me to be class first.........there is lot of pressure.......can you all please help me out


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    Jan 30 2012: Hi Aditya..

    I don't know what can i write u here..
    I was in India for three months last year.. I was doing some volunteer job in Bangalore.. and i really felt in love in your country.. and do you know why? Precisely because it seemed to me that in India people do not want to be at any price at the top!

    But maybe you're right, you live in a different environment than I lived there..

    It seems to me that all parents want the best for their children - and in this case, your mom is having the pressure on you - maybe she wants you to find a good job and be able to "dignity" to live?
    All this is not so easy.. and in India almost everything looks different.. you have a high rate of population.. so maybe your mom is afraid of you... that you do not find good work.. can not be here to write a clear answer.. it all depends on situation..

    Remember the most important thing.. everything you do in life should be consistent with YOUR beliefs!!
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      Jan 31 2012: thank you.........but life beyond India is not like these Indian thoughts and beliefs,superstitions..........in Indian villages for respect,people are ready to kill even their own family........that's really alarming conditions here.........I decided to study in USA............because i want to live that life of qualitative education and I want to do what I want to do.......not what anyone wants me to do

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